WWE: The Rock's Brand New Finisher, the #Hashtag Bottom

John KindelanAnalyst IIIFebruary 29, 2012

This past Monday Night Raw, The Rock made his return to the ring, and when his song hit, we knew we were in for a lightening storm as the most electrifying man in sports entertainment walked down the ramp and climbed through the ropes with mic in hand.

What came next was not the Great One; what we saw and heard was exactly what John Cena said it was—we got Dwayne Johnson. The Rock did not return that night; we saw a man concerned with trending world wide, popularity and catchphrases. For all his mockery of John Cena and his multi-color shirts, Rock is constantly creating new catchphrases each week—he should go in the marketing business.

The controversy of whether or not Cena calling The Rock out on his wrist notes will most likely never have a truthful ending for sometime. Some have said that The Rock looked surprised to see Cena even come to the ring. My thoughts are that someone was watching in back and had to think Rock was just going on way too long and Cena was sent out to save him. Apparently, Rock ate Chinese that day, because how Kung Pao chicken became an insult is baffling. Must have still been stuck in his teeth. 

When Cena did come out, knocking Rocky off his high horse and the hashtag out of his mouth, The Rock came back with the charge that the people are sick of Cena being shoved down their throats each week. The crowd of course cheered, but if you were like me, you were sitting at home and saying, "Um, what?"

How is Cena on TV and winning the title multiple times, and being the face of the company, any different than what The Rock did? The Rock was The People's Champion, he was The Corporate Champion, he was part of The Rock and Sock Connection, he headlined WrestleMania. But when Rock was with us full time in the WWE, when was he not being shoved down our throats?

The argument will come that he's a better wrestler than Cena, and The Rock deserves respect. The man is talented and extremely entertaining, but his matches weren't that much different than Cena's are today: power fighting moves and a few signature ones, with a finisher that no one could get up from. But The Rock was so much greater in his day because he had a great adversary—Stone Cold Steve Austin—the landscape back then was totally different and it helped those that were there shine even brighter.

Catchphrase after catchphrase, and being just so scripted, cliff notes or not, it wasn't the Rock, it was Dwayne Johnson there on Monday. Rock insists that The Rock and Dwayne are one in the same, but does anyone see Rock going up to the kid from Zathura on the set of Journey 2 and saying, "Jabroni, go get the Rock another bottle of water before I put my boot up your candy ass, Peeta Mellark."

He's lost his edge and attitude a bit. Need more proof? Go to his precious Twitter page and check out who he goes back and forth with. Other celebrities, not fans, not the people. He's not staying in character like Jericho or CM Punk or, heck, even John Cena. 

I hope with WrestleMania just a month away that at some point The Rock shows up instead of Dwayne. I hope that Monday Night was a wakeup call. But really I kinda hope that John Cena stays true to his word and beats Rocks arrogant ass. 

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