Floyd Mayweather Jr. Unrepentant About Linsanity Tweet

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIFebruary 29, 2012

Courtesy Msnsfoxsports.com
Courtesy Msnsfoxsports.com

According to Boxingscene, WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather is standing firm with regards to his Twitter rant at New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.

Lin, who is a graduate of Harvard University, is the first American player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA.

“They fail to put that in there, when I said Jeremy Lin was a good player. And When I said what I said, I meant what I said. I don’t have no hard feelings towards anyone. Or I don’t have no hard feelings to Jeremy Lin. Like I said before, when I said he was a good player, they failed to put that in any story that they was writing. Let them also put everything I said out there. I said Jeremy Lin was a good player. And, you know, go back and look at when he played against the Miami Heat. Then they said that Baron Davis, his backup, wasn’t doing his job. Things happen and, you know, do I regret what I said? Absolutely not. I stand by what I said and I meant what I said,” Mayweather said.

On Feb. 13 of this year, the five-division and seven-times world titlist took to Twitter, to vent his anger and frustration at the accolades being heaped upon rising professional basketball sensation Lin.

Mayweather’s Tweet:

“Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise.”

Mayweather’s vexation stemmed from his belief that African-American players weren’t receiving the same panegyrics that Lin has so recently garnered.

Following his Tweet, “Money” encountered a backlash from the Twitter community as well as from some high-profile figures such as UFC president Dana White (who called him a racist) and film director and Knicks fan Spike Lee.

With that said, Mayweather, who is almost three months from serving a jail sentence (June 1) for domestic abuse, is scheduled to contest the WBA super welterweight championship on Cinco de Mayo against current title holder by Miguel Cotto.


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