MLB Postseason Expands to 10 Teams: Twitter Explodes in Response to Announcement

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIMarch 1, 2012

Shortly after Ken Rosenthal of tweeted the news of Major League Baseball's intention to expand the playoffs to include two more teams, fans took to Twitter to voice their opinion.

As tweets fly in like hot cakes, fans appear to be split with some heavily in favor and others vehemently detesting the announcement.

The following are the best tweets since news broke nearly eight hours ago:


ESPN analyst Steve Berthiaume (@SBerthiaumeESPN) did his best to explain the pros in 140 characters.

"Add Wild Card w/1-game playoff is MLB's best idea in years: emphasizes winning division & integrity of 162 sked. Adds fan interest & drama."

Well said and to the point. But will it really add fans' interest?


One fan (@Bones02215) didn't agree, saying:

"...but any team can win one game. Great teams win series. Potential great wild card team could be knocked out because of game."

Excellent counter point. This game will have a ton of people claiming it's better to be lucky than good.


Another (@TrapsterItsSac) added:

"this is going to ruin the late September no collapses and final days of baseball like we witness last season."

It's hard to argue with this sentiment. Though the last game of the season a year ago was essentially a one-game playoff.


Mychael Urban of 95.7 The Game in Oakland looked at it more from a team's perspective.

"The play-in game would be brutal for MLB if the true Wild Card team can't throw its No. 1, 2 or 3 while the "other" has its ace ready."


One fan (@ElevenPointTwo) had a similar view and took it further.

"Since wildcard teams will use up their ace just to win the one-game playoff, division winners will have big advantage. #baseballplayoffs"

Yes, but then the teams with the best overall pitching staffs advance.

@MelkyRowand was unhappy because,

"This extra wild card will cut down the # of sellers at the trade deadline."

Fans of annual sellers rejoice!


Yet another fan (@JonWGee) called for change, but in a different way.

"MLB to add a 1game wildcard play-in game? Stupid. Just take the top 8 records like the NBA and NHL do. Shorten regular season to 150 games"

It would be simple to keep track of. But what if four teams from the AL Central and four teams from the AL East are those top eight seeds? Does the AL West sit out entirely?


This clever tweet by @LABDodgers incorporated both another trending topic of the day and the recent NBA All-Star weekend's events:

"#rememberwhen it used to be a 162 game playoff to get in the #MLB#lcs now even more playoff expansion? Next a #slamdunk contest..."

That could be fun.


Hopefully for the players' sake he's kidding, but @McEffect provided food for thought.

"I say the 2 wild card teams play a 5-game series… in one day."

Let's see, the average game time is around three hours. Even with an hour in between games, it's definitely doable.


Dozens of fans used their tweets to target baseball commissioner Bud Selig.

Applauding Selig's efforts was @WinstDav

"Bud Selig finally did something right. Adding an extra team to the playoffs, and making it one game improves things. #wildcard"

@JBHuskers22 spearheaded the group against Selig tweeting,

"Bud Selig on his 1 man mission to ruin baseball does it again. This extra wildcard 1 game playoff is a ludicrous idea! Fire him immediately"


Numerous tweets came in from the excited fans of the Toronto Blue Jays, like this one from @KMagick:

"MLB expanding playoffs to 10 teams!?! you know what that means.... Playoff baseball in TORONTO!! #jays"

Bruce Arthur of The National Post spoiled the glee with this tweet:

"Number of times the Blue Jays would have made the playoffs in the last 18 years with an extra wild card: Once, in 1998."

Well, that was deflating.


Even fans (@DownGoesBrown) of other sports got in on the news.

"Major league baseball has expanded its wildcard system, creating yet another playoff spot that the Maple Leafs have no shot at."


Similarly, a plethora of tweets came in from down-on-their-luck New York Mets fans. Here's one example (from @beatniktrekker) of the dozens that poured in from the Northeast:

"Baseball has added an extra wildcard team in each league and the Mets still wont make the playoffs #:("

But of all Mets fans, @JedSmed had the funniest with this gem:

"Breaking: #Mets already mathematically eliminated from just-announced 2nd Wildcard berth #MLB"


Disappointingly, the players themselves remained quiet about the change, at least on Twitter.

So what do you think about the MLB playoff expansion? Comment below or send your tweets to @BleacherReport.


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