Recasting Basketball Wives: Hot WAGs We Actually Want to Watch

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 29, 2012

Recasting Basketball Wives: Hot WAGs We Actually Want to Watch

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    We at Swagger can no longer stifle our creativity. We refuse to sit back and allow VH1 to televise such a cliched collection of limited personalities and threatening drama queens.

    While Evelyn Lozada, Shaunie O'Neal and Royce Reed certainly headline an intriguing and sexy cast, they don't quite fit the mold of what we believe to be entertaining television.

    The wives and girlfriends of basketball's biggest stars may seem appropriate or even obvious, but we're set to take a different route, a more diverse selection if you will.

    Let's take a look at the WAGs we believe would be perfect for Basketball Wives.

    This crew is dripping with potential.

8. Eliza Dushku

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    Most of us remember her as the smoking hot brunette in oldies like The New Guy, Wrong Turn and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

    Yet it's her relationship with former NBA forward Rick Fox (since 2009) that keeps us sports fans paying close attention.

    Perhaps she can educate us on the roots of her last name. It would certainly be more engaging than the routine shopping spree confessions.

7. Hope Dworaczyk

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    Having Playboy magazine's 2010 Playmate of the Year join the cast would send ratings through the arena roof.

    Once known as Jason Kidd's pregnant girlfriend, Hope Dworaczyk would at least add an aesthetically-pleasing backdrop to a ridiculous array of chatterboxes.

    We'd like to learn more about arguably the sexiest NBA squeeze of all time.

6. Vanessa Bryant

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    Naturally, we must include the ex-wife of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

    But not for her effervescent beauty or long-lasting relationship with her lethal beau.

    If we have to listen to a crew of air-headed WAGs discuss their spending problems and constant boredom, let's at least hear how Vanessa Bryant spent the $75 million she received in her divorce settlement.

    Shoes, bags, shoes, shoes.

5. La La Vasquez

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    After standing up to a pair of wrinkled individuals in the NBA stands, it was clear La La Vasquez was for real.

    Melo's wife is essentially a stronger, more ruthless version of Evelyn Lozada.

    What a perfect replacement.

4. Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander

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    Nobody better to replace Shaunie O'Neal with than Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander...from one Shaq WAG to another.

    But we'd all love to know the secret behind the reality star's strength.

    She already won Flavor of Love and I Love Money, Alexander's about due for another ridiculous victory.

3. Keyshia Cole

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    If things ever get dry and the palates need some fast flavor, Daniel Gibson's lyrical baby momma can certainly seduce the crowd with her melancholy yet fruitful, urban tones.

    Keyshia Cole's a certified musical genius, the perfect backup plan for any established program.

2. Eva Longoria

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    There are few-to-no NBA fans who don't miss this Desperate Housewife.

    Perhaps she wasn't a fan of French coffee, or maybe Tony Parker got tired of seeing his wife getting intimate with seductive gardeners on television.

    Either way, Erin Barry definitely wasn't the answer.

1. Adriana Lima

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    We've been asking ourselves since 2009 how a guy like Marko Jaric could possibly snag a bombshell like Brazilian model Adriana Lima.

    Perhaps scoring 6.6 points per game in a career and resembling Stuart Little is the key to a woman's heart.

    Hopefully she won't "plead the fiiiiiif" when we ask her to elaborate.