The Top 5 Bizarre Things to Happen at U.S Cellular Field

Steven KersteinContributor IMarch 2, 2012

The Top 5 Bizarre Things to Happen at U.S Cellular Field

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    Spring training is finally upon us, baseball fans.  

    Whether or not the month of March marks the beginning of the end is a complete different question.

    Nonetheless, optimism is a prerequisite for spring time.  I guess I'll try to lighten up.

    Before new skipper Robin Ventura turns the White Sox world upside down. I figure I can get in one, last minute filler-article.

    By no means is this one necessary as it is interesting.  

    U.S. Cellular Field doesn't exactly own the wealth of memories that Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field boast. 

    Then again, at least Sox fans have seen a World Series winner in the last 100 years.  Anyway, interesting things happen everywhere.

    Here's a list of some peculiar occurrences that have transpired at U.S. Cellular Field (Comiskey Park), the home of the Chicago White Sox

    Note the fog. Guess the baseball gods are at work.

Mike Cameron's 4-Homer Outburst

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    I was at this game on May 2, 2002 when Mike Cameron and the Seattle Mariners destroyed our White Sox.

    Cameron launched four homers throughout the game, making a mockery of the likes of Jon Rauch and Jim Parque. Both hurlers were on the first plane to Charlotte after this laugher.

    In 2002, the White Sox sported a lineup that included a worn-down Frank Thomas, the corpse of Kenny Lofton and the mighty Todd Ritchie. 

    The White Sox actually only lost 5-4 if you only counted from the seond inning on.  I guess I forgot to include the 10-spot the Mariners stuck on the Pale Hose in the first inning of that ballgame. 

    Let's just say that first inning lasted an eternity. Deja vu occurred as Bret Boone and Mike Cameron went back to back twice in the frame. 

    But that it was in 2002, back when Bret Boone was hitting 30 homers.  Guys like Bret Boone aren't allowed to hit 30 homers in 2012.

    Needless to say, this feat probably won't be happening any time soon.

Scott Sheldon Plays All 9 Positions in One Game

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    No, this isn't little league where somebody's dad coaches and lets his kid play a different position every inning. It's the big leagues.  

    On September 6, 2000, Scott Sheldon of the Texas Rangers played all nine positions on the field.

    This game, like in the previous slide, was a blowout. This time it was the White Sox doing the mashing, beating the Rangers 13-1.

    Besides the fact that this feat was accomplished, two different factors about this situation make it mind-boggling.  

    1. Sheldon didn't play the entire game, entering in the bottom of the fourth inning.

    2. Sheldon only pitched to Jeff Liefer and struck him out swinging! Maybe Rick Helling and the rest of the Rangers pitching staff should have taken note.

    What was former Rangers manager Johnny Oates thinking taking him off the rubber?

    Strangely, this was one of the first baseball games I ever witnessed at the ballpark.

Mark Buerhle's Perfect Game/Dewayne Wise's Catch

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    Buerhle's perfect game on July 23, 2009 was extraordinarily impressive.  You can't really say anything negating how special that moment is in White Sox History.  Nonetheless, there have been 20 perfect games in modern MLB history.  

    To my knowledge, none ended with a crazy, acrobatic catch by a fourth-string outfielder in the ninth inning. The team even printed "the catch" on the left field wall where the catch was made.

    When Gabe Kapler smashed one to left-center field, many thought that Buehrle's bid for perfection was history. Enter the flying Dewayne Wise Show.  

    Wise proceeded to dash towards the wall, leap up and bobble the ball in the webbing of his glove.  As he crashed towards the ground, Wise maintained his composure and caught it with his bare hand. Pretty amazing stuff.

    On a hot July day at U.S Cellular Field, the pairing of these two events is definitely good enough to make this list.

Two Tacklings at U.S Cellular Field

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    To my knowledge the Bears play at Soldier Field, not U.S Cellular Field.

    Even if they did, umpires and first base coaches shouldn't be getting taken down in any baseball game.

    During an eight-month stretch in 2002-2003, both former Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa and umpire Laz Diaz were tackled by wacko fans on the field.

    The crazy part: Both incidents occurred in back-to-back matchups between the two clubs.  You would think that White Sox security would be on their game after the first mishap.

    Even crazier: There were three separate sprinters before one finally got to Diaz later in the game. 

    I guess the team's lethargic play against the lowly Royals wasn't enough to entertain the short attention spans of the fans.

Scott Podsednik's Game Winning Blast in Game 2 of the 2005 World Series

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    A single home run by itself isn't miraculous for the ordinary major league ballplayer. But for Scott Podsednik, it's a completely different story.

    In Podsednik's 4,130 lifetime PAs, he has hit a mere 41 round trippers.  During the 2005 regular season, the speedster didn't manage to hit one long ball.

    If I told you before the playoffs that Podsednik would hit two homers in the playoffs, you would have taken me to the mental asylum. 

    Well that happened. Not the mental asylum part.

    Fresh off a homer in Game 1 of the 2005 ALDS against the Red Sox, Podsednik deposited a shot into the right field stands to win Game 2 of the 2005 World Series.

    Considering the fact that Podsednik didn't hit a homer all year, this is mind-boggling.  

    I guess this is why the game of baseball is so great.


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    This list is what you would call a mish-mosh.  

    A collection of unusual, but interesting occurrences that will probably never happen again.  These are the type of spooky, mysterious things that propel fans to question whether or not there are baseball gods.

    Who knows, maybe those same baseball gods will cast some good luck on our White Sox?

    As the season lies on the horizon, perhaps we will see Brent Morel hit five homers in a game. Maybe, Paul Konerko will get called to the pen.

    Hey, I personally witnessed two of these bizarre situations first hand.

    While I wouldn't count on anything out of the ordinary occurring on a regular basis, look for the small things next time you're at the Cell. 

    You never know what you might see.