2012 NFL Draft: Day Two Prospects for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IFebruary 29, 2012

James Hanna ran sub-4.5 at 252 pounds.
James Hanna ran sub-4.5 at 252 pounds.Tom Pennington/Getty Images

You'll hear a lot about the early rounds of the NFL draft, and rightfully so—that is where your stars and future All-Pro players are supposed to come from.

Today we'll depart from the obvious and look for some Day 2 prospects for your Tampa Bay Buccaneers, guys who can perhaps come in and make the roster the old fashioned way—by earning it.

Let's get right to it.



With the chance that someone may decide to overpay the over-hyped Josh Johnson, here are two nice quarterbacks you may not know.

Dominique Davis: Cool customer. Started for my East Carolina Pirates. Love this guy. Think Josh Johnson with a better arm.

He's 6'3", 210 pounds and does everything well. Good speed—maybe not as fast as J.J., but close. Wasn't at the combine, he'll get some attention at ECU's pro day.

Alex Tanney: If you haven't seen this video on Tanney, you need to check it out. This guy played for Division III Monmouth. I had a good friend watch him during three games and the guy is special. He's 6'3", 216 and he'd make a great No. 3 for the Bucs.

Tight End

James Hanna: Big guy from Oklahoma. He's 6'4", 252, ran 4.49 at the combine. That speed at that size is amazing. Had a 36" vertical, 10'2" broad jump. That's tremendous athleticism and is an area where the Bucs are lacking. They need more athleticism on this football team. 


Offensive Guard

Donald Stephenson: Another Oklahoma guy. Why not? Our best lineman is out of Oklahoma.

Don is 6'6", 312 pounds, ran 4.94, posted a 9'6" broad jump and a 35.5" vertical. More athleticism for a guy that big. If he's a gamer, he could add depth to the offensive line that's sorely needed.


Wide Receiver

Kashif Moore: Unless you watch Big East football, you won't know this prospect from UConn. He's smaller—5'9", 180 pounds. He ran 4.42 at the combine but startled everyone with a 43.5" vertical. Opened some eyes—nice Day 2 pick.



Dwight Bentley: Ever heard of "U La-La?" It's the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. Used to be Southwest Louisiana State. Bently ran 4.43 at the combine, he's 5'10", 182 pounds and unheralded. Another guy who warrants Day 2 consideration.

That's it for now.

So many prospects, not enough time. So many holes in the Buccaneers roster, but not enough skill.

This team truly needs a great draft. Not a good one—a great one.