NBA Trade Rumors: 4 More Deals That Need to Go Down

Francisco RiveraCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: 4 More Deals That Need to Go Down

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    With the deadline nearing rapidly, team GMs have their fingers on the panic button and will be more than willing to give just to get what their teams might need to make that playoff run. With numerous teams getting healthy (Knicks, Spurs and Chicago), the rest of the league will have to take notice and make moves to keep up with the Jones's. Let's explore four trades that could go down if owners have the will-power to make them happen. 


    Atlanta Hawks get PG Steve Nash and C Channing Frye:

    The Suns finally grant Nash his walking papers and allow him to pursue his title while time is on his side. They realize that they can't hold any teams ransom for major talent for the 38-year guard. It's a one-shot deal, but well worth the risk.

    Atlanta now has someone that can give Joe Johnson the chance to just worry about being a scorer as well as run the offense the way it should be done. The Suns also send Frye as well as a way to shed twenty million dollars and four more years of his current contract.  

    Memphis Grizzlies get PF Hakeem Warrick, C Zaza Pachulia and PG Jeff Teague

    Memphis has to be looking at the playoffs and must realize that the West is not going to be easy, and they should get themselves some quality depth in Warrick and Teague. Warrick will provide solid defense and another solid athlete on both ends of the floor.

    Teague is young addition that can help out at both guard positions. Zaza is a throw-in, but by no means is completely washed up. He gives the team a big body that can bang opposing centers. 

    Phoenix Suns get PG Kirk Hinrich, C Marreese Speights, Vladimir Radmanovic and SG O.J. Mayo, plus three future first round combined picks from Atlanta and Memphis 

    Good riddance to a great leader as the Suns send him packing for future picks that bring back something helpful. Mayo and Speights are key parts of the deal as the Suns get to see if the two are worth locking up once their contract end this year. They are both young and ready for a change of scenery.  

    Hinrich will man the point and probably will be written off once the season ends. Same goes for Radmanovic, who can provide some outside shooting form the power forward spot.


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    Lakers get Dwight Howard, Jose Calderon and Justin Harper The Lakers get their man and a point guard to go with it. Superman Part II will bring much needed life to the Staples Center. What he can do on both ends of the floor will give Kobe the opportunity to not have to try and do it all every night.

    Calderon is a nice upgrade at point guard, while the young Harper will provide the team with some young legs for the future. 

    Toronto gets Andrew Bynum, Jameer Nelson, Ryan Anderson and a first round pick from Lakers

    Toronto decides to blow things up and continue their youth movement with Bynum being the centerpiece of the trade.  Bynum is an All-Star now, and in Canada he can grow into the star he is becoming. He will be the man now so it will be nice to see how he handles things in that role.

    Jameer Nelson is looking like he needs a change of scenery and the hopes are that he might start looking like his old self once again. If Ryan Anderson can continue to shoot the way he has he will provide this young Raptor team with another weapon to provide spacing from the power forward position. 

    Magic get Pau Gasol, Andrea Bargnani and Leandro Barbosa

    The Magic truly will be the international bunch with this trio joining their new team. In Gasol, they get a proven veteran who no longer has to worry about trade rumors and can get back to playing the sport he loves. His new partner in crime will be former number one pick that has quite the skill set for a seven footer. Bargnani, who is coming into his own at 26 years of age, has suffered some injuries but can still possibly become an All-Star as he matures. Barbosa is still one of the fastest players and better scorers in the league for a small guard.

Guard Movement out East!

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    The Celtics get SG Paul George, PG Darren Collison, PG Jordan Farmer, F Jordan Williams and a first round pick from the Pacers

    The Celtics decide that free agency might not get them the players they need and go young by getting a plethora of young talent. George is a budding star that can learn a lot from the big three in bean town. His shooting, length and athleticism will go a long way with Celtic fans. 

    In Collison, you have a young guard who is a proven starter in the league. Farmer, the veteran here, will provide the team with depth at both guard positions. Williams is a young big body who needs lots of seasoning in his game, but he has some potential.

    The New Jersey Nets get PG Rajon Rondo, SG Avery Bradley, PF Tyler Hansbrough and first round picks from Boston. 

    Since Williams is sending signals that he's heading out of Jersey at year's end, they finally pull the trigger and bring in one of the better defensive guards in the league. In addition, for the lack of shooting that Rondo possesses, he still is one of the finest passers in the game. Bradley brings a defensive intensity that his new coach Avery Johnson will truly put to use. Hansbrough is another young forward that will find his way to the rotation in the swap. 

    The Indiana Pacers get Deron Williams and Anthony Morrow

    Larry Bird has the chips to make the move and goes in full throttle and gets one of the best guards in the game. With all the scoring he has in Indiana he now has a stud to run the show as he upgrades his point guard position. This move gives the Pacers on of the most potent starting fives in basketball.  Morrow will fit in nicely as a starter or shooter off the bench. 

Kobe Finally Gets His Help

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    Los Angeles Lakers get PG Kyle Lowry, PF Luis Scola and C Kwame Brown

    Kobe asked management to get him a point guard and they have done so in getting Mr. Lowry. He is having a career year and the Lakers will hope he can do the same. In Scola, you have an ample replacement for Gasol. With every trade you have to take something back you might not really want...welcome home again Kwame. His contract comes off the books after the year. 

    Houston Rockets get PF David Lee, SG Monta Ellis and PF Ekpe Udoh

    The Rockets take on a lot of contract but with it you get two proven All-Star types of players in Monta Ellis and David Lee. In Ellis, you have another pure scorer that can play both guards and gets hurt less than Maritn did. Lee will bring the team a well-rounded player who can do many things well on the court. Udoh is a young thoroughbred who brings energy on both ends of the floor and could have a bright future.

    Golden State Warriors get Pau Gasol, SG Kevin Martin and C Jordan Hill

    Coach Mark Jackson should be happy in acquiring a seasoned veteran in Gasol. He gives the team the same skill set as Lee gave them with a better post game and passing skills. Martin gives the team the bigger scoring guard they craved who can also score in bunches. Jordan Hill gives them the team depth at forward and center as well as a young body who plays over the rim.