3 Stars and 3 Bums: NHL Trade Deadline Edition

Andrew EideCorrespondent IFebruary 29, 2012

3 Stars and 3 Bums: NHL Trade Deadline Edition

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    The three stars, three bums crew is back after a long hiatus. We were actually just trapped in the Columbus Blue Jackets war room this whole time. There is a lot of junk in there.

    Anyway, this week we offer the trade deadline edition of "3 Stars and 3 Bums". 

    Wow, what an exciting trade deadline. So many blockbuster deals went down that we are spinningoh wait, nothing really big happened, did it?  

    So the trade deadline didn’t live up to the hype that 12 hours of endless broadcasts on TSN and the NHL Network gave it.

    It's OK, for a few days we all had stars in our eyes wondering what Rick Nash would look like in a Rangers sweater or how the Red Wings were going to deal with both Shea Weber and Ryan Suter without having to give up much. 

    Alas, the biggest deal of the day involved Buffalo and Vancouver switching highly touted rookie prospects. That was cool, right? 

    Here are your three stars and bums from the trade deadline. 

    What caught your eye this week?

Third Star: Sami Pahlsson

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    Columbus shipped Pahlsson to Vancouver Monday morning for a couple of fourth-round draft picks.

    For Vancouver, they liked that Pahlsson is a great defender, who comes with a bit of grit and can win faceoffs.

    While this move may not seem like a big deal as far as league balance, it is a big win for Pahlsson. 

    In one day, Pahlsson went from NHL purgatory to the league’s top team.

    That’s not too shabby, and for that he is the third star.

Second Star: The New York Islanders

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    While they didn’t make any blockbuster moves, they were able to unload Brian Rolston and his $5-million salary.

    This was one of those salaries that people thought was unmovable.  

    They were able to convince the Bruins that they wanted and needed Rolston on their roster.

    They now have Rolston, his cap number and his nine points this season.  

    Garth Snow gets the second starnow if he can only do something about all those goaltenders under contract.

First Star: Buffalo Sabres

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    The Sabres might have been the big (or at least big-ish) winners on Monday.

    They were able to snag a first-rounder from Nashville for Paul Gaustad.

    Gaustad is a big, gritty player, but is he first-rounder material?

    That seems like a steal for the Sabres.

    Then at the last minute, they sent Zach Kassian to Vancouver for Cody Hodgson.

    While both of these guys are highly regarded prospects, Hodgson is clearly the most NHL-ready guy. He is in the Calder race and looks like he is headed for first-line center action any day.  

    At the end of the day, the Sabres picked up a future star and a first-round draft pick, along with our No.1 star.

Third Bum: Brian Burke

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    The Toronto Maple Leafs did very little at the trade deadline.

    What? Come on Burke, we expected some kind of desperate, crazy move out of you.

    Everyone was ready to write scalding articles about your franchise’s hopeless desperation to make the playoffs. 

    You robbed us of that.

    Couldn’t you have at least given up the farm for some mid-level vet? Something? 


Second Bum: Vancouver Canucks Management

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    The Canucks were active on Monday, making a number of deals.

    The feelings around the league are mixed as to how good the deals were.

    But that is not why they get the second bum award.  

    They get that because Cody Hodgson was told by fellow rookie Chris Tanev that he had been traded. How does that happen?

    You can blame it on the media and such, but at the end of the day, the team has to handle that stuff.  

    To make matters worse, the lead headline on their weekly email newsletter announced that Hodgson was named NHL Rookie of the Month in January.

    That might not have been the best time to tell your fans that tidbit of information.


First Bum: Scott Howson

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    Howson probably deserves the first bum for running the Blue Jackets into the ground alone, but his bumitude goes further and deeper.

    He traded one of his only talented players in Jeff Carter and only got back a mid-range first-round pick and a mediocre defenseman.

    Then he went public with the whole "We’re going to trade Rick Nash" business, which put everyone into a complete madness. 

    Fans, NHL Insiders, fake Twitter accounts and cabbies everywhere were reporting the latest Nash news. He was going to San Jose or Nashville or New York or everywhere.  

    When all the dust settled, Nash is still trapped in Columbus, just like Han Solo in that carbonite.

    When Howson is looking for work next season, he might look back to this stretch as to why.

    What a bum.

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