Tiger Woods' Agent Steinberg Rips Hank Haney and "The Big Miss"

Fred AltvaterContributor IIFebruary 29, 2012

Hank Haney was Tiger Woods swing coach for six years.
Hank Haney was Tiger Woods swing coach for six years.Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

That sound you hear is cash registers ringing all over the world. Tiger Woods’ ex-swing coach, Hank Haney, has written an book called The Big Miss. The book chronicles Haney’s six years working with Woods.

Excerpts of the book are hitting media desks and Tiger’s agent, Mark Steinberg, took the opportunity to make some rather unkind comments about the project.

According to Doug Ferguson of The Associated Press, Steinberg claimed Haney’s "arm-chair psychology" was "ridiculous" and said that Haney only cared about self-promotion.

Tiger has a press conference scheduled today at the Honda Classic. How long into it will the first question be raised about Tiger’s comments on Haney and Steinberg’s comments?

Evidently the book references Tiger’s wish to become a Navy Seal. He did some extensive training and even tandem parachute jumps. 

Can you imagine Woods in fatigues rather than a red shirt?

I sincerely hope the book does not become just another expose’. Inside information on Tiger’s training, practice ethic and mental toughness could be a positive for golfers everywhere.

Steinberg is obviously just sticking up for his friend and paycheck, Woods. That is commendable, but ultimately it only helps to sell more books.

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