NBA Trade Rumors: Would Orlando Trade Howard to the Golden State Warriors?

Karthik TadisinaSenior Writer IFebruary 29, 2012

Dwight Howard.
Dwight Howard.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Orlando Magic have a tough decision to make regarding the future of their franchise before the March 15 trade deadline.

Should they look to trade their big man, Dwight Howard, before the deadline? Or, with Howard not likely to re-sign with Orlando (and the team does not want to lose him via free agency), do they take a risk and try to make changes to their roster at this year’s trade deadline in hopes of convincing him to stay on board for the next so many years?

If the Magic do indeed decide to trade Howard, they should make a deal with a team that will give them the best package of players that they can put to use immediately. New Jersey may be Howard’s preferred stop, but the Nets do not have any pieces that the Magic want. It would probably take a multi-team deal if a trade were to go through by March 15.

However, what about trading Howard to the Golden State Warriors and out of the Eastern Conference? The Warriors are a relatively young team under first-year head coach Mark Jackson still trying to find its identity. Team management has said that they are willing to make a move for a major star player, and Howard would definitely fit the bill. The Warriors are a team willing to bring in Howard on a “rental” basis.

However, if they were to acquire Howard, they would have to engage other teams as they do not have all of the pieces that the Magic would most likely be looking for if a trade were to go down. Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry (Magic would ask for him) would almost have to be included in a trade package while the Magic would push for adding Hedo Turkoglu with Howard.

There was a rumor out that talked about a potential three-team trade between the Nets, Warriors and Magic, but Orlando would most likely want a big man in return for Howard rather than just accepting Monta Ellis. The Warriors would be receiving Brook Lopez from the Nets.

If a Dwight Howard trade does go down, it is almost certain it is going to involve more than two teams and a lot of players changing zip codes.