NBA Player Nicknames: The 20 Best of All Time

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NBA Player Nicknames: The 20 Best of All Time

Do you ever wonder where people get their nicknames from? Most of the time, people are given nicknames because of something they did, said, or because of who they are.

I am not one of those fortunate ones to have grown up with a nickname. But till this day, I have friends and relatives that are still referred to by their nicknames. I have a relative referred to as "Big T", a friend we call "Tank" and a brother-in-law who's almost and is still known as "Cookie."

If you sit back and think about it, you too probably have a childhood friend with a distinct nickname. You must have played catch with a "Bubba," "AJ" or even a "Spider." Although I'm not a betting man, one thing I would put my money on is that the one childhood friend you never called by his real name is still referred to by his nickname.

The nickname phenomenon is not only limited to our own personal group of friends, but even seeps into the realms of pop culture.  Hearing the word "Slash" probably doesn't immediately conjure up images of a knife wielding its terror, but will more likely bring up an image of the Guns N' Roses guitarist who goes by the same name. Or think about the feelings one gets when hearing about "The Fonz" or about "The  Beav." Surely, there are smiles on some faces as they reminisce about their childhood favorites.

In it's 66-year history, many players have walked onto the courts of NBA arenas. They've won, lost and played their hearts out; that we know for sure. You know the great players by name and have probably forgotten the ones that didn't leave a lasting impression. However, you will never forget the players with the recognizable nicknames.

These are 20 players that you have never forgotten and never will forget. Some of the better nicknames that will forever live on.

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