WWE News: Miz Shows More Character in Twitvid Than He Has Shown on RAW

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIFebruary 29, 2012

picture courtesy of wwe.com
picture courtesy of wwe.com

The Miz just hasn't been the same since WrestleMania last year.

Ever since he won that event he's been complacent. He hasn't improved in the ring and the anger that drove his promos is gone. 

Originally, there had been a rage in him that drove him to be the best. It was the type of temperament that was made from being bullied in the locker room and having fans dismiss him as a reality show contestant and not a real wrestler.

Considering all the media that Miz has done and the fact that he has been with the WWE since 2004, he was more then a little justified in his anger. He finally got the opportunity to hold the belt and rubbed it in peoples' faces.

Since then, he has fallen off the radar—until now. He recently posted a twitvid on his account and it was awesome.

It was a twist to his character making him quiet, but with the same anger that had fueled his earlier incarnations. It was refreshing to see, but it makes one wonder what took so long?

When a wrestler gets to the top, it can be difficult to stay there. Sustaining the same work ethic to remain at the top takes a toll, as do all the media events that the Miz does. He mentioned how much work he does for the company on that front and it's hard to believe that hasn't effected him.

In the video with 19 Action News, Miz mentions how much of a workload he pulls and how little sleep he gets on average. It was little to none.

A person can only contain a certain rate of work before it swallows them and effects their abilities. Doing so much PR for the company has started to effect the Miz.

Hopefully, he realizes this and pulls himself back from the brink and lessens his workload.

That isn't to say he should stop doing media altogether, but he may have to accept that he can't pull a load like John Cena. It could stop Miz from being the "company guy," but if the quality of his work goes down in the ring then that is going to happen anyway.

Media coverage is important and will endear him to the company, though it is his work in the ring that keeps him employed. Taking one or two breathers is good for his health and will be great for his character in the long run.

If he lets himself continue to slip while trying to do too much, there won't be a long run and he'll find himself ousted from the company.

And then he will have all the time in the world and nothing to do with it.