Every MLB Team's Best Tweeter

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IFebruary 29, 2012

Every MLB Team's Best Tweeter

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    There is a lot that people can say in just 140 characters, which is why Twitter has become so popular. A number of major league baseball players Twitter frequently.

    Many of the baseball players on Twitter have a big following. This is because they are funny or they provide insight into the daily life of a major league baseball player. Fans have access that they have never had before, as Twitter allows them to get closer to their favorite players.

    Each team has a number of players who send out tweets, and it seems as if there are more players with Twitter accounts these days than players without them.

    Here are the top players from each team who you should follow on Twitter.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Barry Enright

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/BarryEnright54

    Sample Tweet: Mikes Weeney... I mean Mike Sweeney RT @MLBFanCave: What's the best baseball name of all time? #MLBFC


    Barry Enright is very active on Twitter. He sends out multiple messages a day, often joking around and responding to fans.

    There are a number of other Arizona Diamondbacks to follow as well, such as Justin Upton and Chris Young.


Atlanta Braves: Peter Moylan

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/petermoylan

    Sample Tweet: “@tychapp: do toilets in australia really spin the opposite direction?!” No but the water flushes the other way, never seen a toilet spin.


    Peter Moylan will often respond to fan's questions when he has free time. He usually gives witty answers, and it is easy to tell that he has a good personality.

    After reading Moylan's Twitter, it is clear that he would be a fun guy to hang out with, as he is often cracking jokes.

Baltimore Orioles: Adam Jones

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/SimplyAJ10

    Sample Tweet: Watch reruns of Diners, drive-ins, and dives till i go to sleep. But it might make me want to eat again.


    Adam Jones is one of the best young outfielders in baseball. He is also the best member of the Baltimore Orioles to follow on Twitter.

    Jones has over 23,000 followers who want to listen to what he has to say. He also has good taste in television shows. You have to agree what Jones says in the tweet above. It is hard not to get hungry when that show is on.

Boston Red Sox: David Ortiz

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/davidortiz

    Sample Tweet: Man, even my barber has LINsanity RT @monster99com: @D_L1N true dat. Dennis, ask @JLin7 if he needs a #Haircut


    David Ortiz tweets in both English and Spanish, so he has an even larger following than many other players—more than 200,000 people, to be exact.

    He sends out messages about everything from baseball to his charity foundation. Ortiz is a player who must be followed by Red Sox fans.

Chicago Cubs: Casey Coleman

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/CColeman17

    Sample Tweet: I was just on ESPN! Giving up a homerun to Adrian Gonzalez haha


    The Chicago Cubs are a team without many players on Twitter. One of the players who is on Twitter is Casey Coleman.

    It should come as no surprise that Coleman is one of the youngest players on the Cubs. He has a good sense of humor, and his followers should enjoy his tweets.

Chicago White Sox: Gordon Beckham

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/gordonbeckham

    Sample Tweet: Exactly...if there is a 9 foot hairy human running around...pretty sure someone with a gun would have laid that squatch in the shade by now


    Gordon Beckham has a pretty funny Twitter. There are a number of times where he just tweets whatever random thought is on his mind.

    Beckham shares a lot of pictures with his followers. He seems to have an interest in Bigfoot, as he has made a number of references to Bigfoot in his tweets.

Cincinnati Reds: Brandon Phillips

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/datdudebp

    Sample Tweet: Yep, in the clubhouse playing that #Swag'd music! Some of my teammates surprised the hell out of me w/ their dance moves LMAO!!! #PRICELESS


    One of Brandon Phillips' Twitter followers was in for a big surprise in 2011 after he tweeted that Phillips should come watch his game. Phillips did exactly that and showed up at the teen's game.

    Phillips has over 217,000 followers, which is certainly a testament to his popularity both on and off the field.

Cleveland Indians: Chris Perez

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/chrisperez54

    Sample Tweet: These new DirecTv commercials are BS: I throw things, have a scraggly beard, but do NOT bring in stray animals


    The Cleveland Indians not only picked up an outstanding closer when they traded for Chris Perez but they also got a great tweeter.

    Perez will give his followers his song of the day, and he has a fairly good taste in music.

Colorado Rockies: Dexter Fowler

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/DFowler24

    Sample Tweet: Happy Groundhog Day to ppl who don't trust Climate Science but trust involuntary rodent weather reactions :P


    While he does not tweet as much as other baseball players, Dexter Fowler does have some gems when he does decide to send out a message.

    Fowler does interact with his fans on occasion, so if you tweet him a question, it is entirely possible that you will get a response.

Detroit Tigers: Collin Balester

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/ballystar40

    Sample Tweet: I have to get back to the drawling board and come up with set plays in NHL12. @Jacob_Turner22 and @CaseyCrosby2 aren't impressed. #NHL


    The Detroit Tigers traded for Collin Balester this winter, and they are hoping that he can become a key piece of their bullpen this year.

    Balester is a big sports fan and is also a fan of video games. He plays NHL 12 a bunch—and apparently he is not very good at it.

Houston Astros: Jordan Schafer

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    Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/#!/JordanSchafer

    Sample Tweet: This high school kid wants to race me for money? Should I feel bad for him or just take his cash?


    The Houston Astros will be in for a long season this year. They have a number of young players and are rebuilding.

    Astros' fans can make their season more enjoyable by following a few of the team's players on Twitter. Jordan Schafer would be a good player to follow.

Kansas City Royals: Danny Duffy

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/dduffkc23

    Sample Tweet: If at first you dont succeed, youre not Chuck Norris


    Chuck Norris facts have become a phenomenon over the years, and one fan of them is Danny Duffy. He sends out some of his own and even asks his followers to share their own favorites with him.

    Duffy is one of the promising young pitchers in the Kansas City Royals rotation, and he will be a key piece of their future.

Los Angeles Angels: C.J. Wilson

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/str8edgeracer

    Sample Tweet: @jdizzle_h @CMPunk yes he's invited to any game any time. I expect to learn signature wrestling moves by some point in the next 12 mo.


    The Los Angeles Angels not only landed one of the top free agent pitchers on the market this winter, but they also added a player with one of baseball's best Twitter accounts.

    Obviously the Angels care a lot more about his production on the field, but fans will enjoy being able to interact with C.J. Wilson.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Matt Kemp

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/therealmattkemp

    Sample Tweet: On the way 2 the best city LA baby!! Bout 2 go and make an appearance on one of my favorite shows #EastboundAndDown!! #KennyPowers baby!!!


    Matt Kemp had an unbelievable season in 2011. He was one of the best players in baseball and is likely on his way to another outstanding season this year.

    Kemp is an elite player, so it is great that he takes the time out of his schedule to interact with the fans.

Miami Marlins: Logan Morrison

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/lomomarlins

    Sample Tweet: Eat faster. RT @Atownbomber @LoMoMarlins have an opinion on Elijah Dukes eating a bag of weed?


    The Miami Marlins have two of the best tweeters in baseball. Ozzie Guillen deserves a shout-out here, but he gets edged out as the best tweeter on the Marlins.

    Logan Morrison is absolutely hilarious. He puts out a number of gems on Twitter, so if you don't already, you should seriously consider following his account.

Milwaukee Brewers: John Axford

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/johnaxford

    Sample Tweet: My emotions are taking over and I have 2 twitter rules: 1) No quick emotional tweets 2) No drunk tweets. ...


    John Axford has a very quirky personality, and it is very apparent when one looks at his tweets.

    The Milwaukee Brewers' star closer is one of the keys to the team's success. Axford keeps fans entertained with his performance on the field and his tweets when he is off of it.

Minnesota Twins: Denard Span

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/thisisdspan

    Sample Tweet: I guess shorts with dress shoes and no socks is in style here in ft Myers lol.


    The Minnesota Twins had a rough season last year and are looking to turn things around this year. Denard Span will be expected to have a good season.

    Span is not only a solid baseball player, but he is also a frequent tweeter. He is the Minnesota Twins fan to follow.

New York Mets: R.A. Dickey

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/radickey43

    Sample Tweet: What am I going to do with my fantastic mets t with Jose reyes on it, it's no good to me anymore. Maybe auction.

    Thanks for the great suggestions for the t. I've decided to superimpose Reuben tejadas head over Jose's and wear it with pride.


    R.A. Dickey is one of the fan favorites among New York Mets fans. He has a cult like following, and he is a very solid pitcher.

    Dickey is known for naming his bats, so it should come as no surprise that he has a hilarious Twitter.

New York Yankees: Nick Swisher

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/nickswisher

    Sample Tweet: If any one ever doubted my ping pong skills, go to & watch me school @kevjumba! @TheNOCTV @MLB @Yankees @baron_davis


    One of the best aspects about Twitter is that players and their fans can interact with each other without having to meet each other.

    Nick Swisher constantly is interacting with his fans. He is very active with retweets and  responds to the questions that his followers have.

Oakland Athletics: Brandon McCarthy

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/bmccarthy32

    Sample Tweet: Barbara Streisand looks like she was designed by Picasso #Oscars


    Brandon McCarthy wrote an article for Bleacher Report about the best MLB players to follow on Twitter. He named himself as the best player to follow, and there are certainly reasons why you should check out what he has to say.

    McCarthy is hilarious on Twitter. However, he is not the only one in his family who has a funny Twitter. His wife, Amanda, is fairly funny as well.

    If you are looking for another Oakland Athletic to follow, then check out Dallas Braden.

Philadelphia Phillies: Hunter Pence

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/hunterpence3

    Sample Tweet: Just got off the elevator next to Dwight Howard! I'm not going to lie I was feeling slightly dwarfed but he still shouldn't come n the lane


    The Philadelphia Phillies are certainly happy to have Hunter Pence for a full season this year. He will be an important piece of their run to the playoffs.

    Pence is one of the better outfielders in the major leagues, and he will need to step up if Ryan Howard misses significant time this year.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/TheCUTCH22

    Sample Tweet: If you buy a smart car, it doesn't automatically make you a smart person. Read a book!Random #FactOfTheDay


    Andrew McCutchen is one of the young stars on the Pittsburgh Pirates' roster. He is hoping that he can lead the team to a record that is over .500 this season.

    With his outstanding play on the field, McCutchen keeps fans entertained. McCutchen has also entertained fans by interacting with them on his Twitter.

San Diego Padres: Yonder Alonso

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/YonderalonsoU

    Sample Tweet: On my way to SD...can't wait to see the Fans at FanFest! Looking forward to it!

    There are certain major league players who have done a good job taking advantage of everything that Twitter has to offer. One of those players is Yonder Alonso.

    He is very active when it come to interacting with fans, which should quickly make him a favorite in San Diego.

San Francisco Giants: Brian Wilson

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/brianwilson38

    Sample Tweet: Happy Birthday, Larry Bird. Today is the only day Chuck Norris takes second place at life!


    No one should be surprised that Brian Wilson is the one San Francisco Giants player who should be followed on Twitter.

    Wilson is certainly a quirky individual, and his tweets follow suit. Some of Wilson's tweets can cheer you up if you are having a bad day. He doesn't tweet often, but when he does put something out, it is great.

Seattle Mariners: Brandon League

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/BrandonLeague43

    Sample Tweet: Should've wore a sweatband for this spicy chicken!! Swear the cook is laughing at me behind the corner!! #HiddenCamera?


    Brandon League has done a great job as the closer for the Seattle Mariners. He is a free agent after the year, so he may be dealt by the Mariners this season.

    League is only 28 years old and should get better and better. He could be considered an elite closer very soon.

St. Louis Cardinals: David Freese

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/dfreese23

    Sample Tweet: most frustrating texts... gettin a pic of a dynamite meal somebody is about to crush!!!!! #belowthebelt #yaisendemtoo


    David Freese certainly gained a lot more Twitter followers after his big home run during Game 6 of the World Series.

    He certainly enjoys having all of the followers, as he constantly is interacting with them in addition to putting out his own comments.

Tampa Bay Rays: David Price

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/DAVIDprice14

    Sample Tweet: I'm about to light this grill...not really sure how because my buddies grill is complicated so if anything happens I love all of you!!!


    Do yourself a favor and follow David Price on Twitter. It is a decision that you certainly will not regret.

    Price is one of the best tweeters in baseball. He is very active on Twitter and responds to a number of his followers tweets.

Texas Rangers: Derek Holland

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/dutch_oven45

    Sample Tweet: Chuck Norris 101- Some people break the laws of the state, Chuck Norris breaks the laws of physics...now thats gold


    Derek Holland is incredibly talented. He is an outstanding baseball player, an aspiring weather man and a dedicated tweeter.

    At this point it should be clear that baseball players like Chuck Norris facts, and Holland has been known to tweet out a few.

Toronto Blue Jays: Travis Snider

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/lunchboxhero45

    Sample Tweet: I would love to punish a buffet side by side with @SHAQ and Sir Charles. Wonder if could hang. #bigdogs


    There are a number of Toronto Blue Jays that are on Twitter, and one of the best ones to follow is Travis Snider.

    His Twitter handle is Lunchboxhero45, so no one should be surprised that Snider tweets about food a lot.

Washington Nationals: Stephen Strasburg

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    Twitter Handle: http://twitter.com/#!/stras37

    Sample Tweet: Attempting to balance in the dark during yoga is no joke I'm surprised I didn't fall flat on my face...


    Stephen Strasburg is one of the most popular players in baseball right now. He is one of the younger players in baseball, so it is not surprising that Strasburg uses social media.

    Strasburg does not tweet as often as other players, but that is likely because he is working on becoming one of the best pitchers in the majors.