Power Rankings: The Most Exciting EPL Teams to Watch

Matt JohnsonCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2012

Power Rankings: The Most Exciting EPL Teams to Watch

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    With about a dozen games remaining for each club, the EPL has sorted out where the different races are happening. We are sure to witness exciting finishes at both the top and bottom of the league.

    However, this anticipated excitement has not necessarily translated in to thrilling football on the pitch for each team. Many fans have been disappointed in their side’s play, while others have grown comfortable with the expectation of electrifying football every time their heroes step on the field.

    Here are, from most exciting to least exciting, where the teams in the English Premier League stack up against one another this season.

1. Tottenham

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    Spurs are having a great season. Currently sitting third in the Premier League, not only are they getting results, but they are also electric to watch. Their fast-pace style of football and ability to spread the field is a dream for any fan.

    Fielding players like Emmanuel Adebayor and Gareth Bale are sure to create unlimited excitement. 

2. Manchester United

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    The Red Devils are once again heavy contenders to capture the trophy this season, and their play on the field has been a pleasure to watch since August. A mix of heralded veterans and young talent make this squad remarkably exciting.

    Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez, when healthy, combine to form a constant scoring threat.

3. Arsenal

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    Despite the consistent resurfacing criticism that Arsene Wenger faces, his side have played a trademark brand of football for the past few decades. They are a beautiful team to watch, and it is a shame their style is not replicated by other clubs.

    Robin Van Persie, Theo Walcott and a few late-game heroics by Thierry Henry make this team very entertaining. 

4. Newcastle

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    One of the pleasant surprises this year, Newcastle have given their fans hope of a return to the Champions League. Demba Ba has been on fire this year and is emerging as a striking force in the Premier League. They are playing with confidence and feel that attacking football is their best chance of getting results.

5. Manchester City

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    With the ranks of world talent at Eastlands, you just know they are going to produce exhilarating football. Sergio Aguero and David Silva keep fans on the edges of their seats for 90 minutes.

    Combine that with a tight race at the top of the standings with Manchester United, and it’s hard to take your eyes off the screen when City is playing.

6. Liverpool

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    The Reds have not gotten the results in the EPL they would have desired this season, but their style of football is still exciting. Luis Suarez is a player to never take your eye off of.  Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt also keep fans captivated.

    If they are able to start scoring more goals, they will slowly climb up this list.

7. Norwich

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    One of the best underdog stories of the season, Norwich City’s recent match against the Red Devils has attracted much deserved attention. Yes they lost, but their free-flowing play over the course of the season has been a real positive for a team hovering in unknown territory.

    Perhaps they have realized that playing conservative football will only result in them fighting for survival at the bottom of the table yet again. With 10 goals, Grant Holt is a player to watch out for.

8. Sunderland

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    The Black Cats, under manager Martin O’Neill, have produced exciting football this season. They are sitting mid-table, but they are certainly not content with just finishing in the top 17. Stephane Sessegnon has been great this year. Their open play approach has worked out very well for them.

9. Everton

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    Still alive in the FA Cup, and just above the relegation battle in the EPL, Everton has generated some exciting moments this season for their fans. They still have the tendency to revert back to defensive football, and they have yet to establish a real threat up front.

    Adding a few more offensive players in the offseason will allow them to contend for the top 10 next year. Right now, they represent the mediocrity of the league table.

10. Wolverhampton

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    Although Wolves currently sit fifth from the basement, their games have been full of emotion for much of the season. They are a team without any household names, but the players representing the club play with a great deal of passion.

    Steven Fletcher has been great for the Wanderers all season. If they can better control the midfield and create more goals, they have the chance to move up this list.

11. Chelsea

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    For a team with a constant blank check and a side that have brought in expensive talent over the past several years, they sure do play a boring brand of football. With the likes of Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba on the front line, one would expect them to be exciting each and every game. But that is surely not the case.

    Their style of play is not stimulating in the least, and for the starting lineup they have, it is a mystery that they have not developed a thrilling brand of football.

12. Stoke City

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    Another team which is struggling to establish themselves week in and week out. Stoke have proven they can be competitive and open up play if they want, but there have been too many instances of lackluster football this season.

    They need to get another striker to compliment Peter Crouch up front in order to score more frequently.

13. Fulham

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    Fulham are one of those teams who always seem to tread in the lower-middle half of the league table. Clint Dempsey is a player who can bring fans to their feet when he is on his game, and the team around him is playing well.

    Grabbing a player like midfielder Mahamadou Diarra will allow them to control possession more in the middle of the field and generate more attacking flow.

14. West Brom

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    Hovering 11 points above the drop zone, it is evident that West Brom are playing to survive. Their style of football has not been very exciting this year. Peter Odemwingie has been a solid player, but that’s about all Albion fans have to look forward to.

    They are just not able to create many chances against stronger opponents.

15. Aston Villa

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    One of the biggest disappointments this campaign, Aston Villa just have not been able to find their rhythm despite fielding players with proven success. Darren Bent has been the most exciting player with nine goals, but Villa have struggled to build off any glimpse of momentum they have held.

    Only eight points above relegation, they must now focus on survival.

16. Swansea

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    Swansea City have the look of a recently promoted club—one that is still feeling its way around the league but have yet to find their real identity on the pitch.

    If they survive, they will have experience to build off for next year and have a solid chance at cracking the top 10 if they keep Danny Graham.

17. QPR

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    Another side that has not done much to wow their fans this year. It may be a bit premature to judge this side, but they still rank near the bottom of the list in terms of excitement factor.

    The EPL is a whole different game from the Championship League below, and QPR have yet to fully adapt to the speed of play.

18. Wigan

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    Currently tied with Bolton in the basement, there has not been much to smile about during Wigan’s season. They had streaks of success in past years, but this one has been a complete disaster. Their play on the field has looked sluggish and amateur.

    It is a shame they have not embraced their underdog status by showcasing a ‘nothing to lose mentality.’ Perhaps this may have earned them some more positive results.

19. Bolton

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    Not too many compliments to hand out here. Manager Owen Coyle looks likely to be on his way out soon. The team has been awful for most of the season and now faces the high reality of losing out on Premiership football for next year.

    Their FA Cup victory over Millwall may be something to build off for the rest of the season.

20. Blackburn

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    At the bottom of our list, we have Blackburn Rovers. They are currently in 18th spot in the Premier League and could get relegated if they continue their current trend of uninspired football.

    They seem to just be rolling over to teams as of late. It is perplexing that sitting just one spot below safety is not motivating them.

    At this point their fans will take any win or draw, no matter how ugly it is.