Predictions and Stat Breakdowns on Nolan Reimold and the Other Orioles

Corey HanleyContributor IIIMarch 1, 2012

Predictions and Stat Breakdowns on Nolan Reimold and the Other Orioles

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    The Orioles enter 2012 with expectations low. The team has been a perennial basement dweller in the AL East, and after four straight fifth-place finishes, there is no expectation that they could move up.

    This leaves the bar fairly low for most of the Orioles' players. Most are young and still looking to develop. Others have been added to complement the young core. Japanese imports also have joined the club to solidify the pitching staff, which was the worst in the majors in 2011.

    Here's a look at what the individual numbers could look like for the Orioles' starting lineup, pitching rotation and closer.

Matt Wieters

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    2011 Stats:

    139 G .262 AVG .328 OBP .450 SLG 22 HR 68 RBI 1 SB

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    130 G .275 AVG .340 OBP .470 SLG 25 HR 85 RBI 0 SB

    Matt Wieters was a horse behind the plate in 2011 and I get the feeling that Buck Showalter will scale his starts back just a little to keep him a little bit fresher. Taylor Teagarden should provide a huge boost as the backup catcher because he won't be a black hole in the lineup like Craig Tatum.

    This should be a year in which all of Wieters' numbers improve. He broke into the 20 home-run club for the first time in 2011 and should hit in the mid-20s in 2012. Also, his RBI total should increase, as he'll likely bat higher than he did in 2011.

Chris Davis

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    2011 Stats:

    59 G .266 AVG .305 OBP .402 SLG 5 HR 19 RBI 1 SB

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    135 G .260 AVG .310 OBP .450 SLG 22 HR 70 RBI 0 SB

    Chris Davis is looking to finally get an extended shot with the Orioles after toiling in Texas and moving up and down a lot. Davis looked like a major power hitter in his first season, but fell out of favor with the Rangers and was traded to the Orioles at the deadline.

    Davis' average and OBP probably won't increase much from last year, but his power should. He struggled with injuries the entire time he was with the Orioles in 2011, so now that he is healthy, he should improve.

Brian Roberts

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    2011 Stats:

    39 G .221 AVG .273 OBP .331 SLG 3 HR 19 RBI 6 SB

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    85 G .280 AVG .345 OBP .430 SLG 8 HR 40 RBI 15 SB

    Brian Roberts has been a sore subject for Orioles fans because he has dealt with injury issues in each of the last two seasons, the first two of his four-year contract extension that seemed to be locking up a future Orioles Hall Of Famer for life.

    I get the feeling that the Orioles will not break camp with Roberts as the starting second baseman. Hints have been dropped that Robert Andino will start. That Roberts is still not practicing at full speed is a concern. My guess is that Roberts will be back with the team sometime in early June. If healthy, he could be a huge catalyst at the top of the Orioles' lineup.

J.J. Hardy

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    2011 Stats:

    129 G .269 AVG .310 OBP .491 SLG 30 HR 80 RBI 0 SB

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    140 G .270 AVG .310 OBP .480 SLG 25 HR 75 RBI 0 SB

    J.J. Hardy's first season in Baltimore was terrific. He was healthy for most of the year and regained the power that had helped him reach the All-Star game in 2007 with Milwaukee.

    Hardy was a beast in 2011, with 30 home runs, but I doubt he'll repeat that. I could see him having a solid year still, but with fewer home runs by a small margin.

Mark Reynolds

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    2011 Stats:

    155 G .221 AVG .323 OBP .483 SLG 37 HR 86 RBI 6 SB

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    155 G .235 AVG .330 OBP .490 SLG 35 HR 90 RBI 5 SB

    Mark Reynolds was a force in 2011 after a disastrous 2010 that saw his average finish below the Mendoza line. He struck out less than he ever had, while continuing to tear the cover off the ball with the best of them.

    Reynolds will likely have a similar year in 2012. The average will likely go up since he is now more comfortable with the league and the power should stay at around the same level.

Nolan Reimold

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    2011 Stats:

    87 G .247 AVG .328 OBP .453 SLG 13 HR 45 RBI 7 SB

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    120 G .270 AVG .345 OBP .480 SLG 25 HR 75 RBI 15 SB

    I'm going to say it right here. I think this is the year for Nolan Reimold. I was hesitant in the offseason before 2011 because Reimold's name was mentioned in a potential Jason Bartlett deal and I was still a fan. I think that the Orioles are glad they kept him because he hit a huge game-tying double in the season finale and is poised for a breakout year.

    Reimold showed in his rookie season that he had power, speed and superb plate discipline. He had Achilles surgery at the end of that season and has spent the last two years trying to recover. He flashed that recovery at the end of 2011 and should have a coming-out party in 2012. This is the guy to watch.

Adam Jones

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    2011 Stats:

    151 G .280 AVG .319 OBP .466 SLG 25 HR 83 RBI 12 SB

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    150 G .290 AVG .340 OBP .470 SLG 30 HR 95 RBI 15 SB

    Adam Jones has frustrated fans because he is a free swinger and that has hurt his OBP. He rarely draws walks and swings at a lot of bad pitches, but wins us back with spectacular defensive plays and long home runs.

    This year should show more improvement for Jones. I think that he will continue to grow as he emerges as one of the best overall center fielders in the majors. If Jones improves his plate discipline in 2012, he will become one of the game's elite.

Nick Markakis

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    2011 Stats:

    160 G .284 AVG .351 OBP .406 SLG 15 HR 73 RBI 12 SB

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    160 G .295 AVG .375 OBP .450 SLG 18 HR 80 RBI 10 SB

    Markakis had a rough start to 2011 and his start to 2012 hasn't gone well either. He is recovering from surgery on his abs, but seems to think that he'll be ready for Opening Day.

    I think 2012 will be a big year for Markakis. He has sort of flown under the radar lately because he hasn't blown doors down like many expected. But this should be the year that he plays up to his big contract.

Wilson Betemit

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    2011 Stats:

    97 G .285 AVG .343 OBP .452 SLG 8 HR 46 RBI 4 SB

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    125 G .270 AVG .340 OBP .440 SLG 12 HR 50 RBI 5 SB

    The Orioles have put a lot on Wilson Betemit, who really hasn't been a full-time player for the past few years. He has filled in all around the diamond and hit well, but his defense is suspect.

    As the designated hitter for the Orioles in 2012, Betemit will likely have some big hits, but mostly be unimpressive. I wouldn't expect him to be a dark-horse candidate for Most Valuable Oriole.

Tommy Hunter

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    2011 Stats:

    4-4 4.68 ERA 1.36 WHIP 45 K 84.2 IP

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    11-15 4.10 ERA 1.25 WHIP 85 K 185 IP

    Tommy Hunter has come to camp in 2012 in much better shape than he was in 2011 and that will translate on the field.

    Hunter showed great promise in his early years for the Rangers and seems poised to take over this pitching staff after the loss of Jeremy Guthrie. Hunter will likely step in as the guy that soaks up losses, even though he probably deserves better.

Wei-Yin Chen

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    2011 Stats (Japan):

    8-10 2.68 ERA 1.03 WHIP 94 K 164.2 IP

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    8-10 3.65 ERA 1.20 WHIP 115 K 175 IP

    Wei-Yin Chen comes to the Orioles from Japan and, despite never throwing a pitch in the majors, could be one of the best starters in the rotation.

    Chen has power and life on his fastball and excellent command, which should be his strength when he finally debuts here. He won't be Yu Darvish, but he should be huge for this revamped rotation.

Jason Hammel

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    2011 Stats:

    7-13 4.76 ERA 1.43 WHIP 94 K 170.1 IP

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    8-16 4.50 ERA 1.40 WHIP 100 K 190 IP

    Jason Hammel joins the Orioles as one of the pieces in the controversial Jeremy Guthrie trade. He returns to the AL East, where he began his career with the Tampa Bay Rays.

    I think Hammel will be the weakest link in the rotation, I still think he'll be serviceable. He has pitched in a hitter-friendly park for years and the results seem good enough to help the team.

Zach Britton

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    2011 Stats:

    11-11 4.61 ERA 1.45 WHIP 97 K 154.1 IP

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    14-8 3.80 ERA 1.25 WHIP 115 K 175 IP

    Zach Britton had an up-and-down year in 2011, marred by a stretch in which he couldn't make it out of the first inning in back-to-back starts. He improved toward the end of the year, but still struggled.

    Britton has the ability to be a terrific pitcher for the O's and I feel like he's ready to take the step. A lot of this season rides on the development of the young arms. Britton should flourish.

Jake Arrieta

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    2011 Stats:

    10-8 5.05 ERA 1.46 WHIP 93 K 119.1 IP

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    12-14 4.30 ERA 1.30 WHIP 150 K 185 IP

    Jake Arrieta established himself as the Orioles' strikeout pitcher in 2011, although his season was cut short y due to a bone in his elbow that needed surgery. He pitched through pain at the beginning of the year and it adversely affected his ERA, which was above 5.00.

    Arrieta is no lock for the rotation. However, he is a favorite to break camp as one of the starters. He won a lot of games thanks to run support in 2011 and that may not change in 2012.

Jim Johnson

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    2011 Stats:

    6-5 2.67 ERA 1.11 WHIP 58 K 9 SV

    Projected 2012 Stats:

    2-5 2.80 ERA 1.15 WHIP 45 K 30 SV

    Jim Johnson had one of the best years of any reliever in baseball in 2011. He was a jack of all trades, pitching in almost every role. This season, he will likely close.

    Johnson could be the next B.J. Ryan or Chris Ray for the Orioles, a reliever who came from within the organization to be a closer and shuts the door better than any acquisition could. Johnson won't pitch as many innings, but the pressure will be greater. He has the stuff to shine under pressure.