Arce Is Willing to Fight Donaire in the Philippines, Promises a War

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Arce Is Willing to Fight Donaire in the Philippines, Promises a War
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“I want this fight because I always fight the best and they say he's the best but I know I can beat him. I will prove to him, He has never fought a fighter like me. He is not a monster, I can beat him," replied Jorge Arce when asked why he wants to face Nonito Donaire.

"I don't know why they fought Vazquez when I beat Vazquez, they should have fought me, and they knew I wanted this fight. I don't know if it's him or his people but someone if afraid of me fighting Donaire," continued Arce.

As mentioned by Bob Arum before, Nonito will be facing Arce next. If this is indeed the case, and Arum decides to make his words a reality, then we might have a very exciting matchup in the works. Despite being listed as one of the top current pound-for-pound fighters in boxing, Donaire’s last two fights have proven to be a real challenge for the young Filipino.

Arce is definitely not a challenger that should be taken lightly, and is most certainly the kind of fighter that will deliver pressing action all through the fight no matter what is in his way. Donaire, is more of a technical boxer, taking his time and looking for mistakes in his opposition.

Two things we know about Arce: the first is that he has a well tested and proven granite chin, and second is that Arce has an unparalleled heart and spirit, and will come for you without a second thought.

Donaire has amazing lighting fast hand speed, respectable power and a fairly developed ring I.Q.

I see this as an incredibly interesting, well worth the money (if shown on PPV) event. To be honest, I wouldn’t even know whom to favor. Has Nonito ever faced anyone with similar offensive ability? Can he fight the entire fight while constantly moving back? I am not sure whether he can or can’t, but if facing Arce, he should definitely improve on that.

For Arce, it’s the speed he will have to deal with. Of course Arce will have to take a ton of punches before getting Donaire cornered or into the ropes, but over time it becomes very obvious that he has no problem with getting hit.

For either fighter this would be a very rewarding victory.


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