NFL Combine 2012 Results: The Top 50 Things We Learned

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IIFebruary 29, 2012

NFL Combine 2012 Results: The Top 50 Things We Learned

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    Now that the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine has come to an end, we can now take a look back at the results and begin to analyze everything until our faces turn blue—well, realistically we'll be analyzing everything until late April when the NFL draft rolls around. 

    With that being said, let's take a look at the top 50 things we learned from the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine. 

Andrew Luck Will Be the First Overall Pick

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    I think we can all agree that it's as set in stone as it's going to get: The Indianapolis Colts are going to draft Andrew Luck.

    So what does that mean for Peyton Manning? His time with the Indianapolis Colts is perhaps up. 

Peyton Manning Could Be the Next Joe Montana

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    If you're old enough, then I am certain you remember the day Joe Montana was traded from the San Francisco 49ers to the Kansas City Chiefs—Peyton Manning may follow in his footsteps.

    Reports are indicating that if Manning is released by the Indianapolis Colts, the Chiefs will be interested in picking up the veteran quarterback. 

Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne Could Be on the Move Together

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    A report from Peter King indicates that Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne could be part of a package deal during free agency. 

    If you're a team that's interested in Manning, wouldn't it be nice to bring his No. 1 wide receiver with him? I think so. 

Peyton Manning Was Andrew Luck's Hero

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    Well, Andrew Luck—you're going to be replacing your hero.

    At the combine, Luck spoke with the media and revealed this:


    "'Peyton was my hero growing up, he was my football hero, he's who I modeled myself after in high school and middle school. You never truly replace a guy like that. If I had the opportunity to learn from a guy like that, of course you're going to take advantage of that, absolutely.'"

Andrew Luck Wants to Play Immediately

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    Andrew Luck made it loud and clear during his media interview that he wants to play as a rookie: 


    "'I think every competitor wants to play, every down, every play. So, of course, who wouldn't want to start?'"

Andrew Luck Is as Fast as Cam Newton

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    Cam Newton may be the better running quarterback, but Andrew Luck proved to be as fast at the NFL combine.

    Luck ran an impressive 4.67, which is less than a tenth of a second off Newton's from last year's combine. 

Andrew Luck Isn't Just a Quarterback—He's an Athlete

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    Andrew Luck may be one of the best quarterbacks to enter the NFL in recent memory, but he's not only a great passer—he's an incredible athlete.

    Luck ran an impressive 4.67 40-yard dash time at the combine while recording a 36-inch vertical leap. 

Andrew Luck Didn't Have to Throw at the Combine

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    Why didn't Andrew Luck throw at the combine? Well, because he's that good.

    Luck's stock couldn't get much higher than it is right now, and there's no debate he'll be the first overall pick in this year's draft. 

Andrew Luck Is the Prototypical Quarterback

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    Andrew Luck is exactly what we look for in a quarterback.

    He proved he has the perfect frame for an NFL quarterback, as he checked in at an impressive 6'4" and a solid 234 lbs. 

Robert Griffin III Is as Fast as Michael Vick

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    Michael Vick's 40-yard dash time may have been faster than Robert Griffin III's, but I think we can all agree that RG3 is just as fast as Vick.

    RG3 posted a blazing 4.41 40 time and proved to be not only the fastest quarterback in the draft but the fastest quarterback since Vick. 

Robert Griffin III Is a Freak of Nature

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    When you look at Robert Griffin III's workouts from the scouting combine, you may think he's a wide receiver or a running back.

    We'll, you're wrong.

    RG3 posted a 4.41 40-yard dash time and an impressive 39-inch vertical, which proves he's one of the most athletic quarterbacks to ever enter the NFL. 

Robert Griffin III Is the Real Deal

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    If you haven't been living under a rock, then you'd know that Robert Griffin III is the real deal. 

    RG3 has all the tools to be a great quarterback as well as a great player, simply because he's more than a quarterback—he's a playmaker. 

Robert Griffin III Knows How to Charm the Media

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    It's rather amazing how much everyone loves Robert Griffin III. Whether it's the media, coaches, scouts or owners, they all love him. 

    RG3 impressed everyone who attended the combine with his incredible intelligence as well as his great personality. 

David DeCastro Could Be a Future Hall of Famer

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    I have never seen an offensive guard as talented as David DeCastro—he is the real deal. 

    DeCastro was a top performer in the three-cone drill, clocking in at 7.30 seconds, and in the 20-yard shuttle, he finished with an impressive 4.56 time. 

    Very rarely do you see offensive guards selected in the Top 15, but I think it's safe to assume DeCastro will be that guy. 

The 2012 Class Is Deep at Tight End

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    The 2012 NFL Draft class doesn't necessarily have a standout tight end, but there are quite a few who could be potential impact players at the NFL level. 

    The top tight ends on my board are Dwayne Allen, Orson Charles, Michael Egnew, Coby Fleener and Ladarius Green. 

Orson Charles Is Incredibly Strong

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    Saying Orson Charles is strong is an understatement. 

    The Georgia product recorded 35 reps in the bench press, which was the most for any tight end. 

    His stock is certainly on the rise, in my opinion. 

Dwayne Allen Is the Best Tight End on the Draft Board

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    If you ask me, Dwayne Allen is the best available tight end on the draft board heading into the 2012 NFL Draft. 

    Allen is a solid receiver as well as an effective blocker, and finished as a top performer in the bench press, three-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle. 

Matt Kalil Is Best Suited for the Minnesota Vikings

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    USC's Matt Kalil is one of the best offensive tackles I have seen in years and should be a top pick in April.

    With that being said, Kalil is best suited at No. 3 overall to the Minnesota Vikings. 

Matt Kalil Doesn't Have Any True Weaknesses

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    Matt Kalil ran an impressive 4.99 40-yard dash, recorded 30 reps in the bench press, posted a 27-inch vertical, ran a 7.33 in the three-cone drill and a 4.65 in the 20-yard shuttle.

    Now tell me—what are Kalil's weaknesses? 

    There aren't any. 

The St. Louis Rams Are Ready to Trade the No. 2 Overall Pick

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    According to reports, the St. Louis Rams are prepared to trade the No. 2 overall pick.

    Why would they want to do that?

    Well, because Robert Griffin III had a monstrous outing at the NFL combine, and teams that desperately need a quarterback will cough up a ton of picks to draft him.

    The Rams will be holding this pick for ransom.  

Dontari Poe Is a Freak of Nature

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    Just look at Memphis' Dontari Poe—he weighs a massive 346 lbs., but managed to post an incredible 4.98 in the 40-yard dash and a whopping 44 reps in the bench press.

    Poe is an incredible mix of speed, strength and athleticism.  

Dontari Poe Could Be the Next Warren Sapp

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    Warren Sapp must be so excited to see Dontari Poe play in the NFL since he has the potential to be just as dominant as Sapp was.

    Poe is just as athletic and powerful as Sapp—it's quite freaky. He's quite the physical specimen. 

Vontaze Burfict Is Falling Down the Draft Board

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    Vontaze Burfict really gave off the vibe that he's immature when he told the media that he's just "misunderstood."

    Either way, Burfict really didn't do too well at the combine. He proved to be slower than we'd like, as he ran a 4.93 40-yard dash.

    I think it's safe to say that Burfict is just falling down the draft board. 

Janoris Jenkins Was Too Honest

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    Janoris Jenkins was far too open and honest with the media at the combine, as he openly discussed that he's been arrested three times and has a total of four kids all at the young age of 23. 

    Why would a team want to invest anything into him now? 

LaMichael James Boosted His Stock a Bit at the Combine

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    LaMichael James had a successful trip to Indianapolis, finishing as a top performer in three out of the five workouts in which he participated. 

    Most notably, James ran a blazing 4.45 40-yard dash and a 4.12 20-yard shuttle. 

Lamar Miller Didn't Really Do Too Much

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    Miami's Lamar Miller didn't really do anything special at the combine; he simply worked out the way we expected him to. 

    Miller ran an impressive 4.40 40-yard dash while proving that he's the fastest running back the NFL draft has to offer this year. 

Ronnie Hillman Is an Athlete

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    I'd be on the lookout for Ronnie Hillman heading into April—his stock is certainly now on the rise.

    The San Diego State product ran an impressive 4.45 40-yard dash, which was second among running backs, and he also posted a very intriguing 37-inch vertical jump. 

Courtney Upshaw's Stock May Be Falling a Bit

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    Courtney Upshaw choose not to run the 40-yard dash and failed to finish in the top five of any event that he participated in at the combine. 

    Upshaw certainly has the pressure on him now, and I think I would say his stock is going down a little bit since the BCS National Championship Game. 

Stephen Hill Is a "Workout Warrior"

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    Say what you want about Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill—he's one hell of an athlete.

    You may think he's a "workout warrior," but his stats are incredible.

    Hill ran a 4.36 40-yard dash and has the size to be an elite wide receiver at the NFL level. 

Stephen Hill Has a Ton of Potential

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    Despite being a "workout warrior," Stephen Hill has me believing that he has a ton of potential in the NFL and could very well work out just fine.

    Hill has blazing speed, but he also stands in at 6'4". He has the size of Calvin Johnson, but the speed of DeSean Jackson. 

Justin Blackmon Doesn't Have Anything to Prove

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    Justin Blackmon did very well in the positional drills and chose not to run the 40-yard dash.

    Why's that?

    Because he has nothing to gain.

    Blackmon is already projected as the top wide receiver, thus, he has nothing to proving heading into April. 

Alshon Jeffery May Not Be a First-Round Selection

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    South Carolina's Alshon Jeffery's stock has plummeted tremendously since he did not participate in any of the drills at the combine.

    With word that Jeffery is out of shape, he did show up weighing 216 lbs., but it's pretty interesting and concerning that he refused to do any of the workouts.  

Trent Richardson Is Still Receiving Interest

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    Despite not participating in any drills at the NFL combine, Trent Richardson is still reportedly receiving a ton of interest from teams.

    According to the report, Richardson said he was interviewed by five teams while in Indianapolis. 

Trent Richardson Could Be on His Way to Cleveland

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    To follow up on the report in the previous slide, there is some speculation that the Cleveland Browns could be interested in Trent Richardson.

    The Browns have the fourth overall pick as well as the 22nd overall pick, so they sit in a nice position to land their potential future replacement for Peyton Hillis. 

Aside from Trent Richardson, the Running Back Class Isn't All Exciting

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    If Trent Richardson wasn't in the 2012 draft class, then this would be one of the most lackluster classes of all time.

    Take away Richardson, and the entire running back class is rather boring with no true standouts after him. 

Bruce Irvin Is the Fastest Defensive Lineman Available in the Draft

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    West Virginia's Bruce Irvin may be listed as a defensive lineman, but I believe he's best suited as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

    Irvin lit up the combine, posting the fastest 40-yard dash time for defensive linemen at a blazing 4.50, which is pretty impressive for a 6'3", 245-lbs. guy. 

Devon Still Didn't Really Increase His Stock

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    Penn State's Devon Still had a ton of hype around him heading into the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine, but he didn't really impress. 

    Still looked really shaky when he was doing positional drills and clocked in a 5.08 for the 40-yard dash—which is not all that impressive. 

Luke Kuechly Put on an Impressive Performance

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    Boston College's Luke Kuechly really increased his stock at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis this past week.

    Kuechly proved he's one of the top linebackers in this year's class, as he ran an impressive 4.58 40-yard dash time while also bench pressing 225 lbs. 27 times and posting a 38-inch vertical. 

    I think we can assume that Kuechly will be selected in the Top 20 of the first round. 

Kirk Cousins May Be the Best Quarterback After Andrew Luck and RG3

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    Michigan State's Kirk Cousins really impressed during his workouts.

    Cousins completed 14 of 16 passes in his positional drills, none of his passes were off-target and he really showed off his arm strength.

    As of right now, I would have Cousins behind Andrew Luck and RG3 for the third-best quarterback in the 2012 draft class. 

Morris Claiborne Was the Only Real Standout for Defensive Backs

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    LSU's Morris Claiborne was projected as the top cornerback in this year's draft heading into the combine, and he was the only defensive back who really stood out in drills.

    Claiborne ran a solid 4.47 40-yard dash time while looking incredible in positional drills. 

    There's no question in my mind that Claiborne will be a Top Five selection. 

Michael Floyd Is the Second-Best Wide Receiver in the Draft

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    There's no debate that Justin Blackmon is the top wide receiver in the 2012 draft class, but Notre Dame's Michael Floyd is a close second.

    Floyd checked in at 6'2" and a solid 220 lbs. Throughout all the positional drills, he performed very well, as he caught nearly everything thrown his way. 

Melvin Ingram Had Solid Performances at the Combine

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    Melvin Ingram didn't really make too much noise, but he performed as well as we'd like him to. 

    Ingram ran a solid 4.79 40-yard dash while tallying 28 reps of 225 lbs. He was also a top performer in the three-cone drill and in the 20-yard shuttle. 

Kendall Wright Really Lowered His Stock

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    Kendall Wright was once believed to be the best big-play wide receiver in the 2012 draft class, but he really lowered his stock after his rather non-impressive 40-yard time.

    Many thought Wright was the fastest wide receiver, but he clocked in at 4.61 seconds. 

Zach Brown Is Extremely Athletic for a Linebacker

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    We all know Zach Brown was very athletic for a linebacker due to his days at North Carolina, but he really showed off his athleticism at the combine. 

    Brown clocked a 4.50 for the 40-yard dash and a solid 33.5-inch vertical jump. 

There Are Concerns About Zach Brown's Strength

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    There's no real reason why Zach Brown didn't participate in the bench press.

    There are some concerns regarding his strength, and I think it's safe to say that many teams are going to be questioning his strength even more now.  

Michael Brockers May Be Too Slow

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    Michael Brockers was once projected to be a Top 15 draft pick, but I'm kind of concerned about his athleticism. 

    Brockers' performance at the combine wasn't all that great, as he clocked in at 5.36 for the 40-yard dash and at 4.81 in the 20-yard shuttle. 

David Molk Is Freakishly Strong

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    David Molk may have come into the scouting combine as an unknown prospect, but everyone knows his name now; he's the strongest lineman in this year's draft. 

    The center out of Michigan recorded 41 reps of 225 lbs., which was seven more than the next closest offensive lineman. 

Dre Kirkpatrick Has a Solid Showing at the Combine

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    After Dre Kirkpatrick's performance at the combine, he really didn't do too much to increase his stock heading into the draft his April. 

    Kirkpatrick didn't finish in the top for any of the drills he participated in, but he still figures to be a first-round selection. 

Quinton Coples Didn't Do Too Much to Improve His Stock

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    Quinton Coples is projected to be one of the best pass-rushers in this year's draft, but he didn't do too much to improve his stock at the combine.

    Coples ran a solid 4.78 40-yard dash time and had 25 reps in the bench press, but he failed to finish in the top three of any of those categories for his position. 

Warren Sapp Thinks Fletcher Cox Is Similar to Him

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    According to a CSNPhilly report, NFL Network's Warren Sapp believes Mississippi State's Fletcher Cox reminds him most of himself.

    Cox stands in at 6'4" and 298 lbs., and ran an impressive 4.79 40-yard dash.