5 NBA All-Star Game Dunks More Impressive Than 2012 Contest Dunks

Daniel O'Brien@@DanielO_BRFeatured ColumnistFebruary 28, 2012

5 NBA All-Star Game Dunks More Impressive Than 2012 Contest Dunks

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    The 2012 NBA All-Star game featured so many uncontested fast breaks and freelancing dunks that it turned into the unofficial dunk contest of the weekend.

    This year's official dunk contest featured mostly underwhelming slams and gimmick dunks, so there were actually several plays from the All-Star Game that were more impressive than almost any of the contest slams.

    Here are five in-game dunks from Sunday's action that I would choose over Saturday's contest dunks.

Russell Westbrook Is Thunderous

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    Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook gets a running start, receives the pass and then flies in for a ferocious full-extension slam.

    Westbrook also had a few two-handed tomahawk flushes throughout the game, but this one-handed masterpiece was his best work of the night.

Blake Griffin Kisses the Rim

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    Blake Griffin dunks so often that we sometimes forget how high he elevates to throw down. It's hard to forget it on this dunk, as the Clipper forward's head comes dangerously close to the rim.

    CP3-to-Blake has become a regular occurrence this season, but there's nothing regular about this jam.

LeBron James' Sick Reverse

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    The first dunk on this highlight sequence is probably LeBron James' most impressive solo slam of the night.

    We've seen this one from LeBron James before, but it never gets old. He goes up from the right side, looking like he'll flush it overhand, then he floats to the other side with a two-hand reverse.

    More to come from King James momentarily.

Kevin Durant Gets Alley-Oop off Glass from CP3

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    Chris Paul gives Kevin Durant a perfect feed off the glass, and the All-Star Game MVP makes the most of it with a vicious one-handed slam. Durant sees eye-to-eye with the rim as he rises up to stuff the ball.

    Durant is better known for his silky-smooth jump shot and creative scoring ability, but he can also finish a fast break with ferocity.

Lob City, East Style

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    Who said the best alley-oops come from Tinsel Town?

    This lob featuring Eastern Conference stars Rajon Rondo and LeBron James is extremely impressive, considering the toss was from beyond half court and the finish was a well-timed reverse.