Why Shane Mosley Will Beat Antonio Margarito

Garlic boyCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2009

Miguel Cotto beat Shane Mosley and Antonio Magarito beat Miguel Cotto, so logic would lead one to beleive that Margarito will also defeat Shane Mosley.  Not so fast.  As the old saying goes, styles make fights and Shane Mosley has the style to beat Antonio Margarito. 

To understand why Mosley will win, we have to look at how both fighters have lost. Let's look at Mosley first.  Mosley has lost to Winky Wright and Vernon Forest twice and Miguel Cotto once.  They beat him because all were better boxers than Mosley.  The first two were not only better boxers, but longer, taller and heavier.  Mosley can take a punch, and has NEVER BEEN ON THE CANVAS!

Margarito like Mosley also has five defeats the last three came from Paul Williams, Daniel Santos and Rodney Jones.  All of whom are better boxers than Margarito.  Margarito not only has trouble with boxers, but with busy fighters like Paul Williams, Joshua Clottey and even Sebastian Lujan who like Margarito is a brawler.

 What compounds Margarito's problems with busy fighters is his tendency to be a slow starter during fights.  However much like Mosley, Margarito has a chin.  Not only does Margarito have a chin, but he has arguably the strongest chin in all of boxing.

So what happens when you have two warriors meet, both of whom have never been on the canvas?  The smarter, busier, better boxer will win the fight.  In this case it's Shane Mosley.  If Mosley can rack the points up early and use his speed and quickness to avoid Margarito and attack Margarito's body early on slowing him down, Mosley will become victorious. 

The only factor going against Shane Mosley is his age.  He's 37.  If age doesn't catch up with Mosley and he fights a smart fight boxing rather than brawling, Mosley should pull off the victory.