NBA Rumors: Breaking Down the Latest Buzz and Trade Talk

Ethan Norof@ethan_norofCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2012

NBA Rumors: Breaking Down the Latest Buzz and Trade Talk

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    There are going to be a lot of trade rumors between now and the March 15th deadline. Fans will be forced to separate fact from fiction.

    With the incredible volume being disseminated on the Internet in terms of what proposals might be on the table, teams looking to make a strong playoff push in the second half of the season will be in the market to see what could potentially be added to the fold.

    It will be very interesting to see who winds up getting dealt, but these seven players are all guys who could certainly find greener pastures elsewhere.

Wilson Chandler

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    Wilson Chandler is in a tough situation as he attempts to return to the NBA.

    The Denver Nuggets are not interested in doing a one-year deal, and there appear to be stalled negotiations between Chandler's camp and the team on a long-term contract.

    Toronto would love to make a bid for his services prior to the March 1 deadline to sign a restricted free agent to an offer sheet, but the Raptors would have to move salary before that time in order to make a realistic play for Chandler.

    Now, Chandler is considering spending the remainder of the season in Italy in order to retest the market in the summer, when more teams have cap space to spend on a restricted free agent.

Jose Calderon

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    There are a number of teams expressing interest in Jose Calderon, but despite the rampant calls Toronto has been receiving, the team is not actively looking to move him.

    However, that doesn't mean that all is quiet on the Calderon front.

    The team is willing to listen to any offer that presents itself when it comes to the veteran point guard, but it's become extremely clear that the club won't just give him away to trim salary.

    He's playing great basketball and is a leader on a team that has a lot of youth.

Ramon Sessions

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    Ramon Sessions has been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers frequently as the trade deadline creeps closer, but that is not the only team that might be involved in the hunt.

    One interesting rumor floating around has Sessions headlining a package to Atlanta in exchange for Marvin Williams, which could make a lot of sense for both teams.

    Current Cleveland GM Chris Grant drafted Williams while he was in Atlanta, and the Cavs are desperate for help on the wing with Omri Casspi seriously underwhelming since arriving from Sacramento.

Tyrus Thomas

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    Tyrus Thomas just hasn't been able to find consistent success this season with the Bobcats, and it's left many curious about what type of future he might have in Charlotte.

    It's going to be extremely difficult to trade Thomas for anything of value with nearly $30 million left on his deal over the next few seasons. He could be a candidate for the amnesty clause in the offseason.

    He shed some weight during the lockout, and he's had a tough time defending other power forwards as a result. The Bobcats would do well to get rid of his hefty deal in order to enter into full-fledged rebuilding mode.

Leandro Barbosa

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    Leandro Barbosa is an injection of energy in the second unit. His scoring prowess would be welcomed on a lot of contending clubs looking to add a boost.

    Like his teammate Jose Calderon, Barbosa is eliciting all kinds of interest on the market, but the Raptors don't appear ready to just hand him over to another team.

    Moving Barbosa makes a ton of sense as long as Toronto isn't forced to take on financial commitments that extend beyond this season. It could be a creative way for the team to free up some cap space to make a push for Wilson Chandler.

Raymond Felton

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    Raymond Felton is in a bad situation in Portland, and it appears that he and coach Nate McMillan are on two different pages when it comes to what his role is for the team.

    He's a natural candidate to be dealt to yet another team (he's been traded twice since last season already), and the Lakers are known to have some level of interest in acquiring him.

    Los Angeles is looking at point guards who need a change of scenery, and with Felton's deal expiring after this season, he could be the type of short-term gamble the Lakers roll the dice on in order to correct the woes that the team has endured at the position.

Ray Allen

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    This rumor should be taken with a major grain of salt, because Ray Allen's name persistently pops up as someone who "could be" dealt, and it's happened once again in 2012.

    Ray Allen is generating interest, and that makes a lot of sense considering his deal expires at the end of of this season and he's still playing at a high level.

    However, there has been no indication that the Celtics are looking to ship him elsewhere. Boston is highly unlikely to take on any salary commitments beyond this season.

Stephen Jackson

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    It's not a secret that the marriage between Stephen Jackson and the Milwaukee Bucks is not working out.

    The scenario has gone from bad to worse, and Jackson hasn't been able to accrue consistent playing time under coach Scott Skiles all season long.

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Bucks would be willing to give him away if the team could find a trade partner willing to take on his contract, but that might be tough to do without taking back a bad deal or two in the process.

Andray Blatche

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    Washington will look to shop Andray Blatche's ridiculously bloated contract.

    Nobody try to be shocked at the news.

    The Wizards have reportedly been fairly aggressive in their pursuit of dealing him to another team, but given that he's owed more than $20 million over the next three years (after this one), that will be extremely challenging to achieve.

    There is no way the Wizards will be able to deal him without taking back an equally undesirable contract or two from another club.

JaVale McGee

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    JaVale McGee is going to be a restricted free agent in the offseason, and the often criticized big man is going to command a sizable contract.

    Despite his freak athleticism and shot-blocking ability, McGee's basketball IQ gets constantly called into question. Thus, the Wizards may have some hesitancy in extending him to the tune of nearly $50 million.

    After striking out on a big man in the offseason, the expectation is that Golden State will attempt to make a run at McGee. It will be interesting to see what type of trades the Wizards concoct to shape the future of this team going forward.

Brook Lopez

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    Brook Lopez's name has come up frequently in a lot of Dwight Howard trade scenarios. It's no different this time around.

    This particular rumor would involve at least three teams (Orlando, New Jersey and Golden State) and would involve Lopez heading to the Warriors, the Nets landing Howard and the Magic receiving Monta Ellis.

    Those would not be the only players involved in the outlined scenario, and it's worth noting that the Warriors have been pursuing a starting center since the offseason.

Deron Williams

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    Deron Williams sounds like someone who is giving a lot of consideration to signing with the Dallas Mavericks in free agency.

    Avery Johnson alluded to Mark Cuban being a threat in terms of Williams potentially re-signing with the Nets, and D-Will dropped several references to playing in Dallas when talking about his future.

    A trade for Dwight Howard could change things tremendously for the Nets, but it's clear Williams is pondering his long-term future and any options that may be available to him.

Steve Nash

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    Steve Nash's name will consistently come up as a trade target, but Phoenix remains insistent in its stance that it plans to keep him.

    That doesn't mean other teams won't try to pry him away.

    Dwight Howard has reportedly asked the Orlando Magic to make a serious play to acquire Nash, but the team is going to face a major challenge in attempting to pull that off.

    The Magic would have to be willing to take back a bad contract from Phoenix (Hakim Warrick, Josh Childress?) in order to make a deal work, and it's highly questionable as to whether the Magic roster anyone who would appeal to the Suns in a trade for Nash.

    This won't be the last we hear on the Nash front.