Adrien Broner KO's Perez, Has All the Makings to Become Boxing's Next Big Star

Mick AkersAnalyst IFebruary 28, 2012

After yet another dominating, exciting knockout win, this time over Eloy Perez this past weekend, the WBO super lightweight champion displayed that he has everything needed to become the next big star in boxing.

Broner has the KO power, the boxing skills and the one thing that will set him apart form the next guy in the ring with the same skills, his larger than life personality—which has Broner being compared to Floyd Mayweather.

Even before the two fighters stepped into the ring this past Saturday night, Broner caused a stir in the pre-fight weigh-in, as he choked Perez for a brief moment—something eerily similar to Mayweather and Victor Oritz's weigh-in.

During his fight with Perez, Broner taunted Perez, danced around the ring, and to add insult to injury, did a little dance after he sent Perez crashing to the canvas after a vicious right hand.

His post-fight interview was full of quote-worthy sayings, and his now infamous act of having his father brush his hair before beginning his interview with HBO's Max Kellerman.

With their being no big names in Broner's current junior lightweight division, Broner will have to jump in weight to get a big-name opponent to gain a larger audience to view his exciting antics, in and out of the ring.

Broner would have to at least jump up to the junior welterweight division to land a bigger name opponent, but of course, the biggest names in the sport lie in the welterweight division.

Broner joining the ranks of the welterweight division is at least a few years away, perfect time to step in where Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather will leave off—as the two welterweight greats most likely will be retiring within the next three years.

As long as Broner keeps winning, a gradual rise to the welterweight division is a very realistic goal for the 22-year-old champ.

For those wondering who will lead the boxing world once its current kings—Mayweather and Pacquiao— say farewell, look no further than Adrien Broner, as he is the real deal.