Washington Wizards: Scanning the 2012 Draft Class for Quick Fixes

Darryl FetzCorrespondent IIFebruary 28, 2012

Washington Wizards: Scanning the 2012 Draft Class for Quick Fixes

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    The Washington Wizards are currently on pace to get a lottery pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

    Wherever they fall, there are two main positions that they must look to add—small forward and power forward seem to be the main concern for the Wizards, and they should look to fill these voids quickly in the draft.

    The Wizards will most likely have both a lottery pick in the top-10 and then another pick around the 30th position.

Small Forward: Harrison Barnes

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    Barnes is a polished scorer, currently averaging 17.7 points per game for North Carolina.

    He would be a good fit with John Wall, as Wall could work the beginning of the shot clock with Barnes getting one of his mid-range jump shots. 

    Barnes is generally regarded to be ready for the NBA game, and would be a safe pick for the Wizards. While he will not be their next superstar, there is a great chance that Barnes could develop into a solid piece. 

    Barnes' offense would fit in perfect with Chris Singelton's defensive presence at the small forward position, and the two would make a solid young pair at the 3-spot.

Small Forward: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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    While recent reports say that Kidd-Gilchrist won't be leaving college this season, there is still a chance that he will declare for the draft. 

    The forward is a defensive minded player that could eventually emerge into a shut down defender in the NBA. While he does nothing special on offense, he doesn't take anything away on the offensive end.

    His real skill is his toughness and work ethic. 

    A true leader, Kidd-Gilchrist would bring some needed toughness to the Wizards. He would probably be a low lottery pick if he does come out of college.

Small Forward: Kris Joseph

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    The best scorer on the nations second best team, Joseph's statistics have been hurt because of the depth of Syracuse this season.

    Joseph would serve the same role as Barnes on the Wizards, as he would complement Singleton on the wing as the offensive threat to Singleton's defensive stopper.

    He does not have the scoring statistics as Barnes, but the rest of their stats across the board are similar. The difference with Barnes is that Joseph is more of an explosive player who relies on his athletic ability to get him points, instead of Barnes' already solid offensive skill set. 

    This very raw talent would be an interesting project for the Wizards to see if they could mold him into a legit pro. 

Power Forward: Draymond Green

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    The forward from Michigan State, Green would bring toughness to the Wizards at a position where they have been out muscled this year.

    Averaging a double-double with 15.6 points and 10.3 rebounds, Green has proven he can compete against the highest competition this season.

    For a team relying on Andray Blatche and Javale McGee down in the post, the Wizards desperately need players with good character, good work ethic and good team performers.

    If the Wizards could pair Green with Barnes or Kidd-Gilchrist they would be getting good value as well as good character to pair with their tumultuous team. 

Power Forward: Anthony Davis

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    The defensive powerhouse is already projecting to be the number one pick in the draft, so unless the Wizards win the lottery they will not have a shot at him.

    Davis is a defensive freak, averaging 4.8 blocks per game and effecting almost any shot that comes through the post.

    He also defends the perimeter well for a player this big, and does a great job of knowing when to go for the block, and when to just try and effect the shot without drawing a foul. 

    Davis would immediately be a major player on the Wizards in his first year, and if paired with Javale McGee, the post would be safe from all incoming shots. 

Power Forward: Patric Young

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    The raw talent of Young is evident every time he throws down a monster dunk, and his athleticism is sure to carry over to the NBA.

    The raw offensive player does not have a complete arsenal of offensive moves yet, and so far only gets by on his ferocious explosiveness.

    Another impressive aspect is the tenacity in which he goes after rebounds as a players motor is not something that can be taught. 

    While his offensive game is far from polished, this is a high reward pick.

    Young could be a solid player on an NBA squad, and his energy and explosion would add energy to any team.