WWE Social Networking: The Top 20 Tweeters in Wrestling Today

John AtkinsCorrespondent IIIFebruary 29, 2012

WWE Social Networking: The Top 20 Tweeters in Wrestling Today

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    As a wrestling fan, if you're not on Twitter, you're missing out!

    The @WWE is notoriously high on social networking in general #incaseyouhaventnoticed but particularly Twitter.

    Every superstar and their dog has an @ account nowadays, and despite many staying in strict character, others are often more fast and loose in their everyday observations, and can in turn be quite entertaining.

    The following slideshow will examine the Top-20 most entertaining tweeters who are (or have at some point been) involved in wrestling.

    Before we begin however, let me say that the likes of @UltimateWarrior, @HulkHogan and @SCOTTHALLNWO will not be included in this list, predominantly because they are entertaining for all the wrong reasons #fallfromgrace #madasaboxoffrogs #getwellsoonRazor and therefore out of respect this slideshow will only contain superstars whom I deem it to be acceptable to laugh at/with.


    *Please be warned in advance that this presentation will include parody accounts, as these are often more interesting than the actual person #mentioningnonamesTripleH

20. Michael McGillicutty

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    Before you ask, yes this guy is still employed by WWE (for now).

    It is a great shame Joe Hennig (Mr. Perfect Jr.) has found himself in his current predicament of being nowhere in the WWE.

    The third-generation superstar apparently still attends shows, though, as a member of the roster, and is a regular tweeter of pictures and interaction with other superstars.

    Even though a lot of tweets seem to revolve around his facial hair, I do find Mr. McGillicutty to be a strangely entertaining character to follow.



    TOP TWEET: "Yes! And make sure u give my lil bro a follow @HankHennig, he has nice hands and makes some mean paper planes!"

19. Scott Armstrong

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    If you're not familiar with Scott Armstrong, he's actually a WWE referee.

    I've only just started following, but he does seem quite entertaining, tweeting a lot of interesting pictures and #hashtag trending topics.

    I'm not so sure #hardbodyrefs will catch on anytime soon though, I'm afraid, Scott.



    TOP TWEET: "Riding to Ontario, California with Billy Kidman and Arn Anderson! Wish I'd worn my boots!! #itsdeepinhere."


    *On a related note, it may also be of interest to you to follow his daughter @_KaylaArmstrong... #findoutforyourself

18. JBL

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    John Bradshaw Layfield was one of the greatest heels the WWE has ever seen, during his tenure as the longest-reigning WWE champion in Smackdown history.

    Today, he lives in Bermuda teaching rugby apparently, wow...

    One day I do hope Bradshaw returns to the WWE in a manager role for a young heel, but for now I can more than cope with his regular WWE opinion, insight and humour via twitter.



    TOP TWEET: "Brushed hair 1,186 times, built personal jetpack, 1,097 pushups, developed plan to breed malaria out of mosquitos-off to gym #JBLfacts"

17. Kurt Angle

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    The former WWE star used to be entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way on Twitter, rather than actually genuinely funny.

    It seems now, though, that Angle may have turned a corner and has stopped shooting on his former employers (particularly Randy Orton) and instead is far more entertaining with general observations and #hashtag tweets.

    #NowAlliNeedisSomeMilk was a particularly inspired trending topic.



    TOP TWEET: "Just saw an 80 year old man wearing a shirt that said "Not Dead Yet" Ha, that just made my morning. Amen Brother!"

16. Santino Marella

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    A comedy character on TV and a purely comical character on Twitter also, the "Milan Miracle" never fails to bring a smile to my face.

    You've got to hope that Santino features more on WWE television following his fantastic performance at the Elimination Chamber, but I wouldn't be surprised to him being purely relegated to the "Foreign Exchange" programme on the upcoming WWE Network.



    TOP TWEET: "i'm so close to the mexican border I can smell it.. never mind thats the taco bell next door to the hotel, but i'm still pretty close."

15. The Miz

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    The Miz would have been a lot higher on this list 12 months ago, but he has lost a lot of steam as of late on both WWE television and on Twitter.

    Now the Awesome One appears to be drifting away from his cocky and brash character on the site, instead going in the direction of plugging appearances and promoting the WWE left, right and centre.

    Miz is definitely at his best when whining, so follow the former WWE champion next time he gets buried on TV and you're sure to be in for a treat!



    TOP TWEET: "#FACT I have a better tan than Sheamus"

    *To contextualise this tweet, Miz was ranting about all of his accomplishments during the 2012 Royal Rumble match and this was a key bragging point.

14. Dolph Ziggler

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    In the last year or so, #HEEL Ziggler has probably been the most improved superstar in the WWE.

    On the mic, he is now an arrogant, brash show-off and pulls his new gimmick off to perfection (sorry, couldn't help it).

    It's my opinion that Dolph no longer needs Vickie Guerrero to hold his hand, and I genuinely think he should be a World Champion by the end of this year (his 10-minute reign last year doesn't count!).

    Ziggler is wildly entertaining on Twitter, enhancing his character by ripping on both WWE fans and the entire roster at will.



    TOP TWEET: "great show in Abu Dhabi, SOLD OUT tonite! The hardest man in sports entertainment will steal the show & ur tabbouleh recipe #ShowOff"

13. David Otunga

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    Johnny Ace's lackey has really grown and developed in his new role as a legal counselor.

    When part of the New Nexus, Otunga seemed destined to be future endeavoured in 2012 (despite winning the Tag Team titles on two separate occasions), but now seems to have secured his job for at least another year.

    With Otunga's gimmick change has come a great (semi-)push for the superstar, who has really gone up in my estimation...now (quite shockingly) even managing to win matches!

    I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Hudson's fiance, and on Twitter, he has continued to impress as a humble, well-rounded and humorous individual.



    TOP TWEET: "Look what I spied ringside @WWE #Raw. Two @DavidOtunga impersonators in bow ties. pic.twitter.com/zH8lfKGT"

12. Christian

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    Captain Charisma is without doubt one of the most entertaining superstars that has featured on the WWE roster in recent years.

    As a heel or face, Christian has always been able to get a crowd going, and on Twitter, he is no different.

    With a great sense of humour, the former World Heavyweight champion is well worth following on the social networking site, if only for his ability to talk trash to fans.



    TOP TWEET: "After tonight at Elimination Chamber a poignant quote seems appropriate.. "Boom boom, shake the mofo room" - Ali G."

11. Ricardo Rodriguez

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    Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer is one of the funniest characters on WWE television for my money.

    I loved his cameo (and ridiculous spot) at TLC in December, and laughed even more with his appearance at the Royal Rumble.

    Ricardo Rodriguez is a great comedy character, and reminds me a lot of Muttley (to ADR's Dick Dastardly).

    Anyway, on Twitter, Ricardo is great entertainment value, and well worth a follow.



    TOP TWEET: "We're in Sahn Dee A Go! No one knows what it means. But I believe it means whales vagi... Oh hey look a penny!" 

    *While I realise this isn't overly original, combining Anchorman and the Simpsons is good enough for me.

10. John Laurinaitis

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    As a precursor to this slide, I originally had this down as a parody account.

    Subsequently however, I have been corrected and this is actually a legitimate account... wow.

    I had an image in my head that "Mr. Excitement" was the kind of wet fish he is portrayed as so often on TV (though admittedly he's gotten much better since not being buried by Punk/HHH every week). In actuality he comes across as genuinely funny and affable.

    The most hilarious part about #BigJohnny on Twitter are his quips and responses to fan comments on the WWE product (particularly anything #Raw and/or Teddy Long related).

    An essential follow for any wrestling fan with a sense of humour.



    TOP TWEET: "So @EzekielWWE says @DavidOtunga will see a different side of him 2nite. Guess David will have to pin Zeke on his belly..."

9. Zack Ryder

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    I'd be lying if I said I was the biggest Zack Ryder fan in the world; I'm not.

    In fact, I really hated the bit part he played in the whole Cena-Kane feud, and would have much rather seen a more prolonged rivalry with Dolph Ziggler over the United States title, with a bigger and better pay-off... never mind I suppose #rantover

    There is no denying however that Long Island Iced-Z is a fantastic entertainer, and his YouTube shows were a revelation. His comedy attitude and quips carry over well to Twitter, even though he comes across as quite immature (not in a good way) at times.



    TOP TWEET: "@RealJackSwagger looks like Richie Cunningham with his new hair style."

8. Triple H (Parody)

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    I can't think of many things worse than the real HHH being on Twitter to be perfectly honest.

    To me, growing up in the Attitude Era, Hunter was always a bit of a charisma vacuum.

    I like him a lot more now I'm older, and was a big fan of his interaction with Punk last year on Raw (#notsomuchwithKevinNashthough).

    Trips' parody account however is hilarious, and a great send-up of the man Paul Levesque is rumoured to be behind closed doors.

    #ThefakeGame often refers to his burying of talent, his relationship with the McMahon family and his thoughts on incidents involving superstars who break kayfabe (or screw up).



    TOP TWEET: "I cant believe The Miz injured Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler. If I didn't just tear my quad tweeting, I'd fire his punk ass."

7. Michael Cole

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    Last year, I found Cole to be absolutely unbearable in every sense of the word.

    His feud with Jerry Lawler/Jim Ross was painful at best, and his commentary was truly abysmal.

    The new Michael Cole, however, I find to be quite entertaining on the mic, and on Twitter he's even better as a heel figure who pretty much rips on every and any face character.

    In many ways he reminds me of a sort of second (or third)-rate Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, but then I remember the "Kiss My Foot" angle last year and this thought is soon dismissed.

    Nevertheless, Michael Cole is well worth a follow on Twitter!



    TOP TWEET: "I want to apologize for messing up @TrueKofi Kingston's name tonight. So here goes; Sorry you aren't more memorable, Kofi #Raw"

6. The Rock

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    It is no secret that the Rock was my boyhood hero during the late 1990's.

    I've read his books, watched the DVD's, bought the merchandise... the whole she-bang.

    Dwayne Johnson was (and still is in many ways) my idol. Therefore this selection is rather biased.

    The Rock's tweets, though, are predominantly confined to inspirational (and often sickly sweet) messages and #hashtags which the Great One hopes to get trending worldwide (after seeing Raw, this has become his new favourite activity, apparently...)

    But when Rocky gets going, he is as he always was: the master of trash talk and promos.



    TOP TWEET: "@WWE @JohnCena Happy Valentines Day John. You may not be my girl, but I do consider you to be my bitch. #BootsToCenasPinkParts"

5. Brodus Clay

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    If you think this guy is hilarious in the ring, he's even better on Twitter.

    Brodus Clay is like a drunk Booker T with his kooky catchphrases and crazy enthusiasm, and this carries over to the social networking site, making the Funkasaurus a truly unmissable superstar to follow.

    I genuinely hope we see B-Funk and Snoop Dogg form some kind of alliance in the company, even if just for a one off match #comedygold

    If you do need any more encouragement to follow Brodus, he's also a massive fan of retweeting followers.



    TOP TWEET: "Bust out some call my momma dances send them to Funkasaurus and see how many we can get underground funk ya dig!"

4. John Cena

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    A controversial choice, I realise, but John Cena has grown on me massively.

    Admittedly, he's still not in my FAVE FIVE by a long stretch, but he's a born performer and you can't knock him for his effort or passion for the WWE product.

    The one thing that is great about Cena is that he speaks his mind, and while I agree he is annoying, he is still the face of the company, and hey, it could be a lot worse!

    The only thing Cena could be accused of is being slightly too obsessed with the Rock, but they have had some really entertaining exchanges on here and often seem to have a really deep hatred for each other through their constant verbal jousting on Twitter.

    Even if you hate the Champ (and I realise that many of you do), Cena is well worth following purely for a glimpse inside the mind of one of the biggest superstars the industry has ever seen.




    TOP TWEET: "No. Its not. I am proud of Dwayne. He has finally come to terms with his sex addiction."

3. Shane McMahon (Parody)

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    Now, I only just actually found out there is an entire family of McMahon parody accounts on Twitter, but fake Shane O-Mac is without doubt the best.

    Not only does he stop to shoot on current WWE stars such as Zack Ryder and John Cena, but also happily rips on pretty much every former star from Hulk Hogan to the Ultimate Warrior to Bret Hart.

    A really well-done parody account, which often teams up with the likes of @Evil_Mr_McMahon to mock WWE superstars and storylines.



    TOP TWEET: (*After pitching a movie for Zack Ryder to become involved with in a previous tweet) "This could be successful if Dad would consider anything Zack Ryder related that doesn't involve him being raped/beaten by Kane."

2. Chris Jericho

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    Jericho was one of the first people I began to follow after joining Twitter (before he returned in January).

    Whether you're a fan of Y2J's return or not, you cannot deny that this guy is a born entertainer and this extends to him not only as a WWE superstar, but also in his role as lead singer of the rock group Fozzy and normal, genuinely funny guy.

    If he's not ripping on CM Punk or Kofi Kingston, Jericho tends to trade banter with fans and really have a lot of fun, often breaking kayfabe.

    If you're not following him already, The Best in the World at What He Does is a must!



    TOP TWEET: "@ZackRyder Man up you loser!! Get over it already... Besides a woman like that is WAY out of your league nerd boy."

1. CM Punk

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    You must have been living under a rock if you're not aware of the current real-life feud between WWE Champion CM Punk and R&B superstar Chris Brown.

    Where did it all start? Twitter

    Phil Brooks has never been afraid to speak his mind, and his tweets are no different. He does not shy away from conlifct, but nor does he provoke it, often being able to be self-defamatory to entertain his followers.

    I was never a big fan of Punks until I began following him on Twitter, where I found him to be a genuinely nice, entertaining and humble guy with a really great dry sense of humour, much like my own.



    TOP TWEET: "Elimination Chamber is almost sold out! Get your tickets now to see me kick someone in the balls! @WWERawGM #snickelfritz."

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    What slideshow would be complete without a shameless plug of my own Twitter?

    @richardchriston #thanksforasking

    Anyway, thank you for reading my article and I hope this sheds some light on the 20-most entertaining wrestling-related tweeters.

    If you do have any alterations/omissions please feel free to leave them in the comments section below!


    Once again, thanks for reading!