7 Biggest Goofballs in NFL History

Adam OdekirkContributor IIFebruary 28, 2012

7 Biggest Goofballs in NFL History

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    The NFL is more often than not a very serious business. Millions of dollars are on the line for players every season and the athleticism of the league makes every play a potential car wreck unfolding right in front of fans.

    Still, the NFL is in the business of entertainment and sometimes that requires its stars to get a little bit goofy from time to time in order to stand out.

    In some cases, the player excels on the field and then uses that attention to show off their "lighter side" and other times, the player waits until they step off the field to reveal their goofball factor.

    Here are the lucky seven who made the list, but feel free to jump in and add your favorite goofballs to the list in the comments section.

Chad Ochocinco

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    Ochocinco was right on the cutting edge of turning your antics outside of actually playing the game into a brand.

    Fans were eager to see what this "goofball" had planned for his next touchdown celebration, and were shocked when the outspoken receiver actually changed his name legally to match his uniform number.

    Ocho is a little more tame these days, but anyone who follows his twitter feed is always witness to some goofy comments.

Joe Namath

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    Make no mistake that "Broadway Joe" was a serious man on the field, but his life was seriously fun off of it as well.

    His devil-may-care attitude allowed him to be okay with decorating his New York apartment with white llama hair rugs, pose for a pantyhose ad and he wasn't afraid to sport a full Fu Manchu mustache on the field as well. 

    Namath has always been a fun-loving and slightly goofy individual, but the tragic set of injuries that derailed his career forced him to have good humor to get through it all.

Shannon Sharpe

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    Sharpe was not goofy, so much as he was quick witted and willing to say almost anything on the field.

    He could be seen sporting a foam Broncos head on the sideline from time to time, but the most infamous moment in Sharpe's career came during a big victory for the Broncos.

    Sharpe was giddy during a thorough beating of the Patriots, and he went to the phone. The camera followed and hilarity ensued as captured above.

John Matuszak

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    The "Tooz" had some vices to be sure and that may have fueled some of his antics, but in the end, teammates say he was a great friend and player who liked to have a good time.

    After football, Matuszak embraced his goofy side and took on roles in movies, but none was more famous than "Sloth" in The Goonies.

    It's an iconic character that is celebrated amongst goofballs everywhere. 

Aaron Rodgers

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    Ever heard of "Photo Bombing"? It is essentially defined in the picture of Packers MVP quarterback above in the background of his teams pre-game captain photo.

    If you have some time to kill on the Internet, just type in "Aaron Rodgers Photo Bombing" and enjoy the impressive portfolio that Rodgers has accumulated in his young career. 

    It's amazing that a player who can be so focused and brutally efficient while playing the most demanding position on the field, can also find time to cut it loose right before a game.

Clinton Portis

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    Let's go through the list of characters: Southeast Jerome, Dr. I Don't Know, Dolla Bill, Reverend Gonna Change, Kid Bro Sweets, Inspector Two Two, Dolemite Jenkins, Coach Janky Spanky and my personal favorite, Sheriff Gonna Getcha (pictured above).

    Portis found a way to make press conferences fun and exciting every time he came out with a new character. He had a nice career but got run into the ground in Washington and probably emptied his tank earlier that he should have.

    Too bad, since the mystery of what happened to Southeast Jerome still hasn't been solved...at least not to my knowledge, anyway!

Refrigerator Perry and the 1985 Bears

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    With players like Perry and zany quarterback Jim McMahon, there's no doubt that the 1985 Bears were one of the NFL's goofiest teams ever.

    However, anyone who mistook their goofiness for softness was given a sound beating. It was the regular beatings that the team laid down that allowed to flex their singing chops in this daring musical number.

    Some called the team brave for singing a song about the Super Bowl before they actually won it, but singing and dancing to those lyrics probably took more bravery.