Arsenal Woes: Wishing Eduardo Da Silva a Speedy Recovery

Daniel ChesterCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2008

I, along with many others, witnessed possibly the most horrific leg break that the Premiership has ever seen—not forgetting previous injuries such as those to Djibril Cisse and David Busst.

Eduardo's double-compound fracture was horrendous.

After coming of age only recently and starting to become a major threat to defenses in a partnership with Adebayor, Eduardo could now well be finished as a footballer.

Blame was automatically attached to Martin Taylor, although he was clearly going for the ball and just completely mistimed the tackle. The tackle was of no real malice and he is not known for being a dirty player, so it is no surprise that Arsene Wenger retracted his comments that Taylor should be banned for life.

Many are saying that Arsenal's season could be over because of this, but one player does not make a team, and the Gunners are sure to come back from this.

Their second half performance was all but perfect until Gael Clichy's foul that resulted in James McFadden's penalty. Only an idiot would say that they cannot go on to win the title from that position just because of the Eduardo injury, although their confidence has been severely knocked.

Arsenal needs to recover from this, not only do they need to recover but so does their team spirit. The actions of there captain did not help things, Arsene Wenger is a top manager and he will get the players minds' focused on the task again. But they will still be thinking about how long it could be before Eduardo is back in action.

Here's wishing him the speediest recovery possible.