Gregg Williams, Top Free Agent, Set for New Orleans Saints Interview

Chris ReedContributor IJanuary 8, 2009

In a move that should raise the expectations of Saints fans everywhere, league sources say that the Saints will interview Gregg Williams for their defensive coordinator role.

This will be Williams' first interview since his one-year deal with the Jaguars came to an end.  This would be a move to bring an aggressive disciplined scheme and top defensive mind to the team.

Williams has been known for an attacking 4-3 defense that is heavy on blitzing. This will come as good news especially to Saints fans like my dad, who have constantly yelled at the TV for the Saints' highly paid D-line to "put the quarterback on his butt."

The question remains if Tom Benson's traditionally shallow pockets will allow such a hire. Williams made around three million a year in Washington.

Hopefully he does.  By pairing a defensive mind like Williams with an offensive mind like Payton, getting to the playoffs should be a Brees.