Dan Explains Why the Yankees are Cursed

Sarah BraunsteinCorrespondent IMay 2, 2007
I would like to take this opportunity to quote my best friend, and devoted Yankee fan, Dan.

"The Yankees are cursed, it's now clear. What did they do, exactly, to earn this? Besides ruining major league baseball, because that is sort of old. So what new thing did they do, what recent act simply crossed the line? Have they gone one greedy grab too far?

My guess: breaking ground on a new stadium. Think on it: the Red Sox curse themselves by selling Ruth for nothing, just money, Ruth "builds" Yankees stadium, and now the Yankees are tearing down Ruth's home. Lesson?: don't fuck with the bambino. DO NOT FUCK WITH THE BAMBINO."
Dan is right. It is inexplicable, even Mike Mussina is shocked.  FIVE, yes FIVE Yankees starting pitchers have gone down and it's only May 2.  While the organization is not pointing fingers, their newly hired trainer Marty Miller could be seeing a pink slip in his mailbox shortly.  Even if it's not his fault, the Yanks need a scapegoat.

It's worth noting that despite all these setbacks, they are in a fourth place tie with Tampa Bay and only half a game behind Baltimore for third.  The Sox have a 5.5 game lead over New York, and are 3.5 games ahead of Toronto.  I am anxious to see what big moves the Yankees make this summer to secure solid pitching.  I saw a really impressive little league pitcher in Prospect Park two days ago.  I bet he could fill in if they injure the rest of their minor league pitchers.