Radical Change for Brian Urlacher Needed to Fix Bears Defense

Rick DiazContributor IJanuary 8, 2009

Bob Babich has turned the Cover Two defense into the "no cover" defense. In his attempt to "correct" the defense's weakness against the run, he has removed the defensive line's ability to create pressure on the QB.

This lack of pressure exposes the weakness of the Cover Two.  It does not work without pressure on the QB. But how can you fix this problem without again becoming vulnerable to the run, particularly against big running backs? 

This may sound crazy, but to fix the Cover Two, they need to return to a speed-oriented defensive line to create a credible rush.  However, since this has left the defense vulnerable to the rushing game, something else has to happen.  To fix that problem, they need a big middle linebacker and a big and fast strong safety.

Brian Urlacher is too small to be that linebacker, but he is perfect as the big and fast strong safety.  This combo would free the line to create pressure but provide the size in the linebacking/safety to handle the run, especially from big backs.

I know moving Urlacher sounds crazy, but does anybody have any better ideas?