Where Have All the Cruiserweights Gone???

Eric RyalsContributor IJanuary 8, 2009

Where have all the cruiserweights gone? Remember the days when we
had guys like Taka, Essa Rios, X-PAc, Christian, Funaki (when he was good), and Crash HOlly(RIP). The days where the cruiserweight (or light heavyweight)
meant something.

Or in WCW with Juvi "The Juice", Kidman, ALex Wright, Psycosis
La Parka, or Liz Mark Jr. When places like WCW had enough cruiserweights to
start their own tag division with groups like 2 Count, Jung Dragons, Air Raid, and
The Filthy Animals.

Have we come to a point where non-stop Lucha style wrestling is dead. (No disrespect, but the X-Divison has nothing on the old crusierweight division of WCW).

Have we come so far in wrestling where gimmick overpower a fast-paced, nonstop match. The only shining light that has been with the cruiserweight division and light-heavyweight division in WWE is when Gregory Helms had the strap and that because he came in WWF(E) with it.

Me, I miss pioneers like Eddie, Rey Mysterio (JR.), Mil Mascares, Chavo, LionHeart Chris Jericho, and Dean Melenko. You don't have to answer, because I know the answer but feel free to give some feed back.

What happened to the Raven's, Billy Kidmans, Kienti's, Dean Malenko's, X-Pac's, "Suger" Shane, Evan Karagious', Lash Leroux's, and the Essa Rios of the business...I feel bad because this generation of wrestling fan has to look forward to champions like HOrnswaggle...I also feel bad for Evan Bourne (Matt Sydel) because he'll never hold a dignified cruiserweight title...

I'm gonna close with this question: Has the cruiserweight title become a once-in-a-while gimmick belt?