Red Wings GM Continues to Develop Business Relationship with Hockeytown Hero

Brandon Burnett@B_Burnett49Contributor IIIFebruary 27, 2012

Ken Holland must've taught "The Captain" a thing or two about running an NHL franchise.
Ken Holland must've taught "The Captain" a thing or two about running an NHL franchise.Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

I'm really beginning to wonder if Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman has Ken Holland on speed dial.

Holland—the Red Wings' general manager—pulled the trigger on his second trade in less than a week with the Lightning's lead decision-maker, sending D-man Mike Commodore to Stevie Y's club in exchange for a conditional seventh-round pick.

A week prior to shipping Commodore off to the Eastern Conference, Yzerman had contacted Holland about a potential deal with the Wings' long-time rival—the Colorado Avalanche.

The Avalanche were shopping D-man Kyle Quincey—a former Red Wing as well—and Yzerman had a feeling the Wings may be interested in the big-bodied defender.

As it turns out, "The Captain" knew his former team as well as we figured he would.

Holland had previously been in talks with Avalanche GM Greg Sherman about the prospects of bringing Quincey back to Detroit, but the two had differing opinions on what was an acceptable swap and couldn't reach an agreement.

But the Red Wings former captain of 19 seasons has a knack for working magic on the phone, much like he did during his days on the ice. Yzerman had a deal in place with Sherman just two days later, got Holland involved, and made things work.

Quincey wound up in Detroit, and the rest is history.

So what's to be made of this fond connection between Holland and Yzerman as the former great continues to get cozy behind his GM desk? Both parties seem well entrenched in their positions, and their rich and successful history together suggests they'll at least keep each other in mind moving forward.

If the Wings wish of moving to the Eastern Conference is granted (which won't be happening next season), Yzerman and Holland may not be so eager to do business with one another.

But we'll cross that bridge another day—that is of course if the NHL even decides to place Detroit in the conference which it truly belongs. Until then, I urge these two general managers to further this new-found partnership as much as possible.

If Holland and the Wings did happen to come across Stevie's squad on the ice, it wouldn't be until a best-of-7 meeting for Lord Stanley's Cup. A perfect time to congratulate one another on a job well done.