Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Deal to Nets Is Not Getting Enough Recognition

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIFebruary 28, 2012

With all the trade speculation and buzz surrounding Dwight Howard and where he will end up, one situation that is left not really spoken about is Howard joining the Brooklyn Nets in the offseason.

The Magic have seemed pretty content with not trading Howard this season, trying to make a run in the playoffs and convincing him to stay. So if Orlando decides not to trade Howard before the March 15 trade deadline, what is stopping Howard from going to Brooklyn?

While signing an extension with the Magic would give him the biggest contract, the amount of money he would make in a big market like New York, would surpass the difference in the amount he would lose if he signs a long-term contract with the Nets.

Howard has made it clear that the team on top of his preferred team wishlist is the Nets. If there is mutual interest, why is there not enough talks about this possibility?

Both Deron Williams and Howard have expressed interest in playing together. They both will become free agents this offseason, and speculation has been that Williams and possibly Howard will both go to the Dallas Mavericks. Meanwhile, speculation about Williams staying with the Nets and Howard coming to join him has been lacking.

The New Jersey Nets have some solid role players who will complement Williams and Howard nicely. Rookie MarShon Brooks has emerged as a solid young scorer in the NBA. Howard will take much of the attention of team's defenses away from Brooks, which could make him an even better scorer.

Other players who would benefit from the attention of defenses being moved down low would be strong three-point shooters like Anthony Morrow and Jordan Farmar.

The Nets could even re-sign Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries, which would give the Nets a very interesting combination of big men.

Howard is a dominant force in the paint, whereas Lopez has been criticized for his softness and lack of rebounding. However, Lopez is a very talented scorer and with Howard and Humphries grabbing rebounds, he wouldn't have to be a dominant rebounder.

The Nets' situation, including moving to Brooklyn, is very intriguing and Howard.

If the Nets end up being his preferred destination and the Magic stay content on not trading him, Howard signing with the Nets in the offseason should be considered a serious possibility.