UFC 144 Results: What's Next for Joe Lauzon

Joe ChaconContributor IIIFebruary 27, 2012

When Joe Lauzon fights, the fans are watching. Whether he wins or loses, he is always in the bonus mix.

In fact, seven of Lauzon's last eight fights have earned him or his opponent Fight of the Night, Submission of the Night, or Knockout of the Night bonuses.

Lauzon now has 12 career UFC fights. His record is still an admirable 8-4, but he is having a hard time climbing into title contention.

At 27 years of age, the time is now for Lauzon to make a run if he is ever going to do so. Unfortunately for him, the UFC lightweight division has become arguably the most stacked division of the promotion. In addition, the list of names above him in the rankings grew exponentially with his loss to Anthony Pettis.

Lauzon is going to need to take a fight to get his momentum going again, and a fight with Donald Cerrone makes sense and would be a predicted favorite for Fight of the Night.

Cerrone needs to get the buzz for his career going after the lopsided loss to Nate Diaz. If it is going to be Cerrone, Lauzon will have to have a longer than usual layoff in between fights as "Cowboy" is scheduled to face Jeremy Stephens in May. 

It may turn out that Lauzon will never make a serious run for a title. The talent pool in his division is only getting deeper with each passing month, and while he has 21 professional victories, he can't seem to string enough wins together to gain the notoriety needed to challenge for a championship.