UFC 144 Results: Breaking Down Tim Boetsch vs. Dan Henderson

Joe ChaconContributor IIIFebruary 27, 2012

Tim Boetsch is riding a wave of momentum stemming from his exciting come-from-behind finish in Japan. The win gives him his first three-fight win streak in the UFC and should propel him to a big name fight.

In a recent interview, Boetsch says he wants to fight Dan Henderson. While the chances of The Barbarian getting the opportunity to fight Hendo at this point is slim, it would provide an interesting matchup nonetheless.



All of a sudden Boetsch has racked up nine career UFC fights. He has accumulated six wins while being defeated three times.

Dan Henderson has a Hall of Fame resumé, but one less fight in the Octagon compared to Boetsch. Hendo's UFC record is 6-2.

It is surprising that Boetsch has more UFC fights than Henderson, but in this case the overall experience is far greater for Hendo. There are times when UFC experience can be advantageous for a fighter, but not in this case.

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Boetsch is an acclaimed wreslter and has won 33 percent of his professional fights via submission. This may come as a surprise to most fans just now getting on the Boetsch bandwagon because of the way he was dominated for two rounds by Yushin Okami.

The foundation for Henderson's success has been his wrestling. Not necessarily how he has used it to end a fight, but rather how it has assisted him in getting out of trouble. The best example of this may be his fight against Fedor Emelianenko in which he was able to reverse a bad position in to an advantageous one and eventually win via TKO.

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The Barbarian showed how precise and powerful his striking can be in his TKO win over Okami. He was not going to be able to beat Okami on the ground. When the third round began, he knew he was going to need to knockout his opponent. The result was an exciting TKO at the 54 second mark of the third round.

Hendo may have the most powerful right hand in the sport. The prolific image of him coming forward with the overhand right is what most fans look forward to seeing. Even if he misses, the buzz created by a near connect gets the crowd even more excited. He's made a career with the knockout punch, and if these two did square off I don't see any reason why he wouldn't do the same to Boetsch.

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