The Top Five Reason Why the Cowboys Won't Win!

Matthew BisharaContributor IJanuary 8, 2009

Now that the season is over, coaches are losing their jobs all over the league. Romeo Crennel is out in Cleveland. The Browns gave him four years to turn them into a contender, but he was unable to get it done.

Rod Marinelli is out in Detroit—no surprise there after going 0-16.

But not all the firings were this deserved. Eric Mangini is out as the Jets coach after leading them to a 9-7 record this season, five games better than a year ago, but after a late-season collapse, owner Woody Johnson decided to go in a different direction. 

If I would have told any New England fan in august that Tom Brady would be lost for the season, and they would miss the playoffs, undoubtedly they would have agreed with me, but if I would have said they would finish 11-5 without Tom Brady and still miss the playoffs they would have laughed in my face.

I’m a Patriots fan myself, and I thought the season was lost when Brady went down, but Matt Cassel was able to step in and do a fantastic job. When you have good coaching, and a solid team foundation, you are able to overcome injuries. Unlike other teams that when one of their leaders goes down, the entire organization falls apart like a house of cards (e.g. the Dallas Cowboys). 

Now, on to the focus of this blog, through the first quarter of the season, “America’s Team” had looked like the best team in America, but Tony Romo went down for four weeks. They went 1-3 in that span, bringing their record to 5-4 when he returned, and it was just in time to help lead the Boys to another December meltdown.

With a “win and you’re in” situation going into Week 17, the Cowboys were facing the rival Eagles where they completely imploded, losing the game 44-6, their ninth consecutive season-finale loss. 

I believe until they get rid of the following, they will never win!

5. Wade Philips

They make him out to be a great NFL coach in Dallas when he has never even won a playoff game. He’s 0-4 for his career; it’s a bit of a stretch to expect him to win three in one season. Jerry Jones couldn’t handle Bill Parcells, and Wade Phillips was the perfect replacement, a “yes” man.

4. Scraps

This team was pieced together on scraps: Adam Jones and Tank Johnson, need I say more?

These players have been cancers on every team they have ever been on, neither of these guys have ever won anything. At some point this season, they will stir up trouble for big D. Not for the success of the team but for the safety of the Dallas public. Adam Jones was able to violate every clause in his contract, sat out six games for a league suspension, and was still welcomed back to big D.

3. Both Roy Williams'

One is the dirtiest and most overrated player in the league he resides on the back end of that woeful secondary. He invented the horse-collar tackle and leads with his helmet on virtually every hit he makes. He’s also the most overrated safety in the NFL; since he was drafted, he has been touted as one of the best at his position because of the highlight reel hits he has on his resume.

He has also been burned more times than toast.

The other is an overpaid, overhyped, bust of a wide receiver who’s lack of work ethic and enthusiasm for the game make him one of the league’s biggest disappointments. The Cowboys gave their 2009 first, third, and sixth-round picks for this guy and immediately signed him to a five year, $45 million deal. Who does their scouting over there???

2. Terrell Owens

Talk about scrap. Sure, he has been a perennial pro-bowler and he’s a guaranteed hall of famer, but the guy has been an ego maniac and a disaster for every franchise who has taken a shot with him.

In San Francisco, he was on a couple of contenders before he called his QB a homosexual, then was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles where he averaged a touchdown per game before he was injured.

He did play in the Super Bowl with a severely sprained ankle and still caught nine balls for 122 yards. He surely wasn’t the reason why they lost, but shortly thereafter called out his QB again by saying he “wasn’t the guy who got tired in the Super Bowl,” then he held out of a $49 million deal (that in his defense was back weighted). This caused them to suspend the wideout for the first four games and then deactivate him for the remainder of the season.

Shortly after the season, he was released by the Eagles and immediately signed with the Cowboys. The Cowboys have received some good and some bad. During his first two seasons, Owens put up some very respectable stats, but this season was another disaster, T.O. is no longer the same player, age is catching up with him and he has become a secondary option for quarterback Tony Romo.

Again this season, Owens complained about his QB, maybe it’s time for teams to stop trying to win with this type of player, who despite their immense talent spread the plague throughout the entire locker room and end up setting the organization back in the end. 

And the No. 1 Reason why the Dallas Cowboys will continue to lose is...

1. Jerry Jones

He has been a remarkable business man, as well as an incredible ambassador to the game of football. He bought the Cowboys for $150 million almost 20 years ago and has turned it into the most valuable sports franchise this side of the Atlantic.

He is also about 10 years away from becoming the league’s next Al Davis and drive a very proud sports franchise into obscurity. He achieved success when he left the football moves to the football people, but now he thinks that he’s got the hang of it.

He has been quoted saying, "If this doesn't work, I'd be known as the idiot who wanted to coach so bad he blew it all. So this has to work."

Owners who get involved in the actual coaching and general managing aspects of their team rarely have success, maybe he can break new ground and be the first Owner/Coach to ever win a super bowl, but it’s doubtful. 

The way he dealt with Tom Landry. The way things just fell apart for him and Jimmy Johnson, and how he completely ran Bill Parcells out of town after he rebuilt the team to what they are today, shows me that while the Cowboys may be profitable they are an organization without any integrity!


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