WWE Power Rankings: The Top 10 Current Finishing Moves

Aakash Vasa@aakash_vasaCorrespondent IIFebruary 27, 2012

WWE Power Rankings: The Top 10 Current Finishing Moves

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    In pro wrestling, each wrestler always has one move in his arsenal which seems to be enough to lay his opponent on the mat for the one-two-three. Finishing maneuvers have always been an integral part of the WWE, and nothing makes a wrestler stand out better than a powerful, high-impact finishing move.

    Today, I've compiled a list of the current best finishers in the WWE. This slideshow is just my opinion, and it is very likely that you may not agree with me. 

    What are the most impressive knockout blows the WWE has to offer? Let's find out. 

10. Zig Zag (Dolph Ziggler)

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    First on the list is Mr. Show Off, Dolph Ziggler.

    While Ziggler's move is just another reverse bulldog, the move's impact is undoubted. The main reason why the move works is because of  the height that Ziggler attains before executing the move. The opponent's head, after hitting the ground, bounces hard off the mat. 

    Furthermore, the move can be pulled out of nowhere. Unpredictable moves are always good moves. 

9. 450 Splash (Justin Gabriel)

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    The only top-rope move to make an entry in this list, the 450 Splash is such an elegant move to watch. The rotation in the air, the height attained and the picture-perfect landing make this move a treat.

    During Justin Gabriel's Nexus days, we would see at least one of these every week when Wade Barrett's army of rebels demolished superstar after superstar each week.

    Sadly, now we hardly get a glimpse of the 450 Splash, as Gabriel is living in Jobberville. Hopefully, he gets a mid-card push, and we get to see some more of the 450 Splash.

8. Burning Hammer (Tyler Reks)

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    Just like Justin Gabriel, Tyler Reks hasn't had a chance to showcase his finisher much, but whenever he has executed it, he has done it with perfection. 

    Let's hope we see more of the Burning Hammer in the future.

7. Future Shock DDT (Drew McIntyre)

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    One of the most underrated moves in the WWE is Drew McIntyre's snap double underhook DDT. The main reason, obviously, is because Drew hardly uses it. And that's because he hardly wins. 

    Still, it doesn't take away from the move's impact. Any finisher that ends with an opponent landing headfirst on the mat is pretty damn effective.

    And the Future Shock DDT just does that. 

6. Skull Crushing Finale (The Miz)

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    The smirk on his face. The hands waiting to pounce. The execution. And the fall. 

    The SCF is certainly an amazing finisher. And the cocky way in which The Miz delivers it is awesome (no pun intended) to watch.

    P.S. I am an avid Miz mark. Many of you may not agree with me on this choice, but please bear with me. 

5. Brogue Kick (Sheamus)

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    While Sheamus has more than one finisher that could make this list, the Brogue Kick is the best of the lot.

    Sure, the Celtic Cross looks impressive, but it takes time to set up, and the Irish Curse backbreaker is no longer used as a finisher.

    He debuted a new finisher last month which certainly looks painful, but let's see if it stands the test of time. Until then, the Brogue Kick is his best finishing move, mainly because, like the RKO, it can come out of nowhere, notwithstanding the fact that it blows his opponent's head out.

4. GTS (CM Punk)

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    Just see the video and say that wasn't damn good. Punk broke Mysterio's nose while executing this GTS, one of the best I've ever seen.

    He looks so impressive while executing the Go To Sleep finisher, especially when he reverses his opponent's attack, like in the video. Also, the mocking before the move, and the "It's Nap Time" gesture certainly make the GTS a great move. 

3. Pedigree (Triple H)

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    Triple H has laid out innumerable opponents and won a horde of championships with this move right throughout his illustrious WWE career. And it's not hard to imagine why.

    The Pedigree hurts. When you go down into the mat face first, it's not quite a pleasant feeling. And when it's on the hard concrete or on the top of Hell In A Cell, it gets even worse.

    The Pedigree is certainly one of the best finishers there ever was, and very few finishers could rival it. 

2. RKO (Randy Orton)

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    This modified version of the Diamond Cutter is one of the best finishers ever.

    Having striking similarities to the Stone Cold Stunner, the RKO can come out of practically nowhere.
    The unpredictability of this move and the way in which Randy Orton executes it, especially when it is through a table, certainly makes it one of the most impressive finishing moves ever. 

    Also, has anyone noticed that the RKO always gets the largest pop from the live audience when compared to any other finisher?

    And the best finisher in the WWE is... 

What the Funk (Brodus Clay)

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    Just joking, obviously.

    Though it is one of the most entertaining moves right now!

    Moving on...


1. Tombstone Piledriver (The Undertaker)

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    What else did you expect? Easiest move to predict, huh?

    Undertaker's throat slash, perfect execution, the modified pinfall and the tongue hanging out. The perfect move.

    The best move, in terms of its impact as well as the theatrics that go with it, the Tombstone Piledriver is certainly the greatest finisher ever.

    I'd love to hear about your favorite finishers, so sound off in the comments section.

    As always, thanks for reading! Cheers!