Sideline Reporter Showdown: Power Ranking the 25 Hottest Women in Sports TV

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 27, 2012

Sideline Reporter Showdown: Power Ranking the 25 Hottest Women in Sports TV

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    The playing field is often dominated by exhausted athletes, steaming coaches and seductive cheerleaders, occasionally complemented by a drenched mascot looking for an applause.

    But as of late, it's been bombarded with a collection of sexy sideline reporters, some prepared to interview their subjects, all ready to grace the high-definition television screen.

    Whether they possess impeccable journalistic skills or look amazing in a tight skirt, these broadcast beauties are all ready to instill chaos on camera.

    Let's take a look at the 25 hottest women patrolling the sidelines in hopes of a memory.

    But watch your step, the sporadic wires can be treacherous.

25. Kristina Akra

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    From hardwood cheerleader to gridiron reporter, Kristina Akra is a former Miami Heat dancer prepped for her shot on the SEC sidelines.

    Her exuberant smile and passionate nature will take the former pom-pom extraordinaire up the food chain of the broadcast world...quick.

24. Samantha Steele

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    Blonde hair, tight figure, a Simpson-Crawford mold...They must love Samantha Steele in Texas.

    Now a reporter for the Longhorn Network, it's curious as to why Tony Romo hasn't worked his magic on this sideline hottie.

    She couldn't possibly hurt his fourth-quarter production any further.

23. Heidi Watney

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    WAG first, reporter second...Heidi Watney is perhaps the sexiest part of baseball, following the Marlins Mermaids of course.

    As the former Boston Red Sox reporter (NESN) gets ready to transition to the hardwood and cover the Lakers next season, let's take a look the sexy, yet controversial influence she's had on the Fenway diamond.

    Having allegedly left Jason Varitek for Nick Green, Watney seems ready for the NBA lifestyle.

22. Britt McHenry

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    She may sound like a burly rugby fullback, but Britt McHenry is thankfully a sexy sports reporter from  ABC7/WJLA-TV and News Channel 8.

    An exuberant smile has us ready for her next appearance.

21. Michelle Beadle

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    As we eagerly change the channel to ESPN 2 in preparation for SportsNation, we hope for two things. 

    While we naturally yearn for Michelle Beadle's honest sexiness, we also pray that co-host Colin Cowherd has finally mastered the ability to keep his mouth shut.

    Two peas in a pod.

20. Ashley Russell

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    There's nothing sexier than a woman who loves fantasy sports, and Ashley Russell has become a beloved hit with all click-and-submit fans around the world.

    The Yahoo! Sports and reporter seems determined to cater to the masses.


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19. Amanda Pflugrad

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    From pom poms to hard-hitting news, former Oregon cheerleader Amanda Pflugrad has yet to relinquish the spotlight she so eloquently acquired during her days in Eugene.

    Now working for Fox Sports Arizona, Pflugrad seems ready to transition from short skirts to pant suit.

18. Alex Flanagan

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    With an illustrious NFL Network mug in hand and a passionate smile intact, NBC Sports sideline reporter Alex Flanagan is clearly on her way to immortality.

    For those unfamiliar with her intriguing journalistic prowess, Flanagan can be spotted every Saturday covering Notre Dame games.

    It's a sight that will immediately remove the bags under your eyes after a rough week.

17. Ines Sainz

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    With perhaps the most questionable dress code in sports, Mexican reporter Ines Sainz always seemed determined to hog the spotlight and impress her subjects.

    They certainly were in awe.

16. Kirsty Gallacher

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    Model first, presenter second, Kirsty Gallacher is rarely seen perusing the sidelines of sporting events, but deserves recognition for her breathtaking introductions and sultry approaches.

    While she's had a face in almost everything Sky Sports, it's Gallacher's pictorials in FHM and Maxim that have us scintillated.

15. Hayley McQueen

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    As the daughter of former footballer Gordon McQueen, it's only natural that Hayley McQueen would end up in the sports realm.

    Now a presenter for Sky Sports News, McQueen has the engaging eyes, nerdy hotness and sexy accent to become a legend.

14. Erin Hawksworth

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    While she clearly shines under the spotlight, it's Erin Hawksworth's genes that has her locked into the sports world.

    Sure she covered the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens for NBC and now works for the Fox affiliate in Seattle (KCPQ), but if times ever get hard and Hawksworth finds herself in need of a story, she's got her athletic brother to interrogate.

    A relief pitcher in the Dodgers organization, Blake Hawksworth surely has plenty to say about his team's financial drama.

13. Jaime Maggio

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    Having worked the NFL on FOX, NBA Playoffs on TNT, MLB on TBS and NCAA Tournament on CBS, it's quite curious as to how Jamie Maggio has flown so far under the radar.

    On second thought, while she's yet to approach a life-changing photo shoot, Maggio is still improving aesthetic ratings one smile at a time.

12. Erin Andrews

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    A legend, no wait...a pioneer in the beautiful sportscasting business, Erin Andrews has laid the groundwork for future seduction on every terrain, even if by accident.

    Like single-malt scotch on the rocks, she may seem strange at first, but after a few sips her stunning influence becomes clear.

11. Georgie Thompson

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    She's covered the U.S. Open Tennis, A1 Grand Prix, Grand Prix Masters, Speedway World Cup, Race of Champions, America's Cup and Wimbledon 2011 (take a breath), but that's not what has us curious to learn more about Sky Sports legend Georgie Thompson.

    In September, Thompson was suspended from driving for 19 months for twice being caught driving while inebriated.

    It's been said that fame can cloud judgement, just saying.

10. Charlotte Jackson

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    Few demand answers with as much vigor as Sky Sports presenter Charlotte Jackson.

    Sure, she hosted the 2009 FIFA World Player of the Year Awards Ceremony and presented coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics, but it's Jackson's off-the-clock demeanor that has us focused.

    We'd like to believe she rarely hears the words "no comment" as a response.

9. Lisa Dergan Podsednik

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    Like a fine wine, former Playboy playmate Lisa Dergan Podsednik is perhaps more established now than during her beautiful days of modeling.

    The longtime wife of feisty outfielder Scott Podsednik, she's hosted the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the U.S. Open golf tournament.

    But Podsednik's raunchy pictorials will always reign supreme in our eyes.

8. Laura Esposto

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    While she makes Gisele Bundchen look like Meg Ryan, Laura Esposto is perhaps most revered for her subtle aggression on camera. 

    Having worked for Sky Sport (Italy) and the Milan Channel since 2010, Esposto seems determined to tackle every aspect of sports reporting.

7. Jenn Brown

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    From awkward college softballer at Florida to the sexiest reporter in the West, Jenn Brown continues to watch her name flood the crevices of the sports world.

    While she's covered major events like the Sundance Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, the Super Bowl, the Monaco Grand Prix, the World Series of Poker and the X Games, Brown is known more for what she does away from the playing field than for her journalistic abilities.

6. Melanie Collins

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    While her beauty has certainly helped spark a career in journalism, it's Melanie Collins' stage presence that continues to cement her name deep in the sports world.

    When she's not coddling NHL boyfriend Scottie Upshall after a brutal performance on ice, Collins is likely perfecting her posture and the way she angles her noggin in front of the camera.

    It's truly an art form.

5. Sara Carbonero

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    Few have mastered the naturally exotic look like Spain's Sara Carbonero.

    Sure, she was blamed for distracting and eventually interviewing goalkeeper boyfriend Iker Casillas during the 2010 World Cup, but it's not like Carbonero can fight her seductive tendencies.

    Magnetic eyes continue to dominate.

4. Jimena Sanchez

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    Superfan, sideline reporter and stunner, Mexico's Jimena Sanchez continues to rise on the charts of the sports world with her vivacious logo-wearing ways and hard-hitting journalistic talents.

    Once just a hot diehard, Sanchez can now be seen roaming sidelines for Fox Sports.

3. Leeann Tweeden

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    From modeling and being the face of Hooters, to correspondent on Best Damn Sports Show Period and covering the Angels on Fox Sports West, Leeann Tweeden has traveled a long road.

    But she's developed her skills with every stop along the way.

2. Carrie Milbank

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    Born in California, groomed in Texas, Carrie Milbank is the perfect combination of beauty and bravado.

    Known as The Hockey Show girl, Milbank has been subtly climbing the ladder of sports entertainment for awhile now.

    We can't peel our eyes away from her.

1. Marisol Gonzalez

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    Once a tempting red-dress hottie taking over Media Day, now a fan favorite...Mexican sports reporter Marisol Gonzalez may be overtaking Ines Sainz for aesthetic dominance.

    The Televisa Deportes opened the door, now it's our turn to appreciate the beauty.