Liverpool FC's Carling Cup Victory Should Not Be Considered Insignificant

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Liverpool FC's Carling Cup Victory Should Not Be Considered Insignificant
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Well there it is; Liverpool FC have finally ended their trophy drought by lifting the Carling Cup at Wembley last Sunday.

Many commentators and pundits have tried to downplay the significance of this cup, but a Wembley final is a Wembley and trophy is a trophy.

The football club enters every competition with the intention to win it. And looking at the teams that Liverpool have beaten to simply get to the final and the lineups that those teams fielded, Liverpool's victory was well-deserved and should not be considered insignificant.

To all the fans at the stadium and to those that watched on television, nothing can be taken away from them or dampen their joy at seeing their beloved Reds lift a cup.

On top of all this, a place in European football for next season is now guaranteed.

For the owners—they were there to witness an English cup final for the first time—this must have been an occasion that will live long in their memories and certainly from the post-match interviews with John Henry, he was certainly very impressed and extremely pleased.

For the players, this victory will mean a considerable amount and so it should. The levels of celebrations and joy that poured out of them was there for all to see.

They loved it, and we loved them for giving us that winning feeling again.

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Much has been written that this will be a hollow victory if it is not followed up with success in the FA Cup and a charge into the top four of the Premier League.

There is an element of truth in that, but not completely.

Of course, this win should spur the team on in their other goals for this season, but if the FA Cup were not brought back to Anfield, and entry to next seasons Champions League is not secured, then the season should be seen as a total failure.

Liverpool's rebuilding is a long-term work in progress and this is a wonderful beginning. Victory in the Carling Cup, if that is all that is won this season, should be seen as a good start of this rebuilding and a successful season for the Reds.

After all, for many a previous season has ended with nothing and this season should already be seen as a step in the right direction.

Do not get me wrong, I WANT the team to use this as a springboard to achieve their other targets.

Of course, now that success has been tasted, more of it is craved. Kenny Dalglish will be using this to spur his players on for the rest of the season.

Fans are not so naive to think that the glory days are back, I certainly am not.

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The manner in which the win was achieved was not emphatic and many of the woes of the season where there for all to see.

Liverpool's chance conversion, or the low level of it, was on display again. And some of the players, again, did not put in the performances that would be needed if the Reds are to truly be back on the road to glory.

However, with this being said, the squad has lifted a trophy and will have gained valuable experience that will certainly stand them in good stead for the remainder of this season and the next.

This win should spur Liverpool on to more success this season, but that is not all it should represent. It should also be savoured in itself.

In all the hype of possible future success that this cup may, or should bring, this cup final victory should not be considered insignificant.

After all, a trophy is a trophy and Liverpool have lifted it and that should not be overlooked or forgotten.

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