2012 NBA All-Star Game: The 10 Best Dunks from Yesterday's Jam Parade

Ethan Norof@ethan_norofCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2012

2012 NBA All-Star Game: The 10 Best Dunks from Yesterday's Jam Parade

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    The 2012 All-Star Game was filled with slam dunks that the Orlando crowd was pleased to watch, and fans watching on television around the world were all certainly entertained.

    There were better displays of ability at the rim than we saw in the slam dunk contest, and it's absolutely phenomenal to watch what the best in the business can do when out on the court together.

    With playmakers like Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook out on the floor and high-flyers such as Blake Griffin and LeBron James waiting to take flight, the 152-149 Western Conference win was a night to remember.

LeBron James

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    A player with the skill set of LeBron James is perfectly suited for a game like this, and we saw why that was the case on Sunday evening.

    Taking a fast-break opportunity and using it to his advantage, James got out on the wing and made sure the crowd appreciated what he was about to do.

    James elevated with emphasis for the two-handed throwdown.

Kevin Durant

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    Kevin Durant isn't known as a particularly skilled dunker, but he can certainly get up and put it home when the opportunity presents itself.

    He found the open lane and didn't hesitate whatsoever, accelerating from near half court all the way to the rim.

    Judging by the crowd reaction, many in the building weren't expecting Durant to do what he did.

Chris Paul to Blake Griffin, Take 1

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    We've been used to seeing this all season long for the Los Angles Clippers, but the Orlando audience got a chance to see the tandem on more than one occasion.

    It wasn't as exciting as some we've seen this year, but it's worth noting how high Griffin got off the ground and the type of impressive elevation he can achieve regularly.

Andre Iguodala

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    Andre Iguodala's incredible athleticism is one of the most underrated elements of his game, but we all saw that he's still got legitimate explosiveness in his first All-Star appearance.

    With some assistance from Roy Hibbert, Iguodala took a clear path to the basket, rocked the ball in his hands and dunked it down with his off hand.

    Iguodala wanted to ensure that nobody would forget his inaugural performance.

LeBron James' Windmill

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    LeBron James was not going to get the ball poked away from him on this one.

    Windmill dunks often go unappreciated, but make no mistake—everybody liked what they saw on this play.

    James delivered this dunk with power and gave fans another reason to long for his participation in the slam dunk contest.

Rajon Rondo to LeBron James

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    It's fun to watch what kind of passes Rajon Rondo is capable of making when he has teammates who are actually capable of getting out and running the floor with him.

    Watching LeBron James operating in space is incredible, but his ability to catch the lob from so far out and slam through a reverse dunk is something not many are capable of doing.

Chris Paul to Blake Griffin, Take 2

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    Although Take 2 actually came before Take 1, this Chris Paul to Blake Griffin connection was much more impressive than the one that came after.

    Through the legs from Paul directly to Griffin in stride, the power forward soared over everyone else on the court and rocked the rim for a memorable slam dunk.

    And just like every other time he's gone into the air, Griffin had absolutely no trouble elevating.

Chris Paul to Russell Westbrook

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    Scott Brooks chose to give his point guard, Russell Westbrook, a look at the shooting guard spot with Chris Paul also on the floor for the Western Conference.

    The two didn't seem to have a problem sharing the same backcourt.

    Paul faked out the defense and delivered a sweet no-look pass to Westbrook, and then the 23-year-old dunked it with two hands before performing a little shimmy for the crowd.

Dwyane Wade to LeBron James

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    When watching this play, the phrase "South Beach Special" comes to mind when drawing up a description.

    James' behind-the-back pass set the tone, and when Wade saw him circling around the defenders in order to go up for the alley-oop, he threw a lob he knew his teammate definitely wouldn't miss.

    This shows exactly how scary the Miami team can be when these two guys are out in transition with their unreal speed and athleticism.

Chris Paul to Kevin Durant

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    No All-Star game is complete without having a dunk completed from a pass that goes off the backboard.

    Chris Paul set up Kevin Durant brilliantly with his touch pass off the glass, and Durant's ability to nab the ball with one hand, gain control of it and deliver it home was downright dynamite.

    No. 35 was playing like he had a point to prove, and not many are left doubting Oklahoma City under his leadership right now.