2012 NFL Draft: Luck and Robert Griffin III Hurt Stock by Not Throwing?

Matthew AdamsContributor IIIFebruary 26, 2012

NFL Draft's two best prospects
NFL Draft's two best prospectsJoe Robbins/Getty Images

At this year's NFL combine, much talk has gone into the value of throwing. Last year the NFL world witnessed as Cam Newton shocked the scouts and catapulted himself into the first pick by an impressive showing at the combine. 

Andrew Luck is looked at as a surefire No. 1 pick in the draft, so he had nothing to gain by throwing at the combine. However, it really could have done no harm, and would have been a way for him to silence all of his few critics. This being said, it is very respectable that he still decided to run, an event which most top quarterbacks are willing to give up. 

Robert Griffin III, on the other hand, is still trying to prove he is a top-five talent. He is clearly an amazing player, and is going to do great things in the NFL. Having watched his past season, it is clear that he has a great arm, what harm could be done in showing it off? Many people seem to believe that Griffin should have thrown in an attempt to pass Luck as the No. 1 pick, but let's be honest here, Luck is going first in this draft. Griffin only could have dropped his stock by throwing. 

Mike Mayock was upset that the two of them didn't throw. It isn't his place to make a decision, and the media has no place to make this decision for these players. Luck and Griffin haven't hurt themselves by not throwing this weekend. If they decided to throw it would serve no benefit.

For them, they have made the right decision, and if they want to silence the critics, they are free to throw at their pro day, where they will be comfortable with their receivers.