WWE News: Is Dolph Ziggler a Main-Event Superstar for the WWE?

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2012

Photo Courtesy of WWE.com
Photo Courtesy of WWE.com

After starting his career as a member of the ridiculous Spirit Squad in 2006, Dolph Ziggler has developed past his cheerleader character into one of the best superstars on the WWE roster today.

But with a lot of great performances over the past year or so, is Ziggler a main-event-caliber superstar for the WWE?

He believes so, even though some fans might not think the same way.

From Wrestling News Source:

Dolph Ziggler was asked in the latest issue of WWE Magazine if he was a main eventer to which he responded he was although he initially admitted a lot of people do not see this:

"I know a lot of people don't see it as I do, but in my head, I am a main eventer simply because of the fact that I did a helluva job reinventing the U.S. Championship from a title people held for a little while to becoming the stepping stone it once was. I made it prestigious again. I made people who liked me or hated me think, 'This is the next guy.' Now it's time to prove myself yet again," Ziggler says.

Without a doubt, Dolph Ziggler is a main-event superstar for the WWE.

While a great heel, Ziggler could rise to the top of the main-event scene if he can drop Vicki Guerrero and make a run at the WWE or World Heavyweight Championships being a face superstar.

In addition to his solid recent in-ring performances, Ziggler has definitely improved his mic skills over the past few years, as he has no problem getting reactions from crowds across the world.

For Ziggler, I could definitely see a future run as World Champion, especially if the WWE moves him to SmackDown to replace Daniel Bryan as the World Heavyweight Champion as one possibility for the “Showoff.”

So Bleachers, do you agree with the claims by Dolph Ziggler that the former Intercontinental and United States Champion is a main-event-caliber superstar?


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