NBA All Star Game 2012: 5 Likely Bets for MVP

Brandon Taylor @@btthechamp Correspondent IFebruary 27, 2012

NBA All Star Game 2012: 5 Likely Bets for MVP

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    As the NBA All-Star Game gets set to tip off, one of the most enjoyable parts of watching the game is to find out who the MVP will be. Being the MVP of the All-Star Game is a huge accomplishment. Some of the best players who have ever played the game won at least one All Star Game MVP. In that sense it's like a rite of passage. Here are five good bets for this year's All-Star Game MVP.

Kevin Durant

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    Durant is a pure scorer and will probably be the focal point of the West's attack. With Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks directing the West, Durant will get plenty of chances to put up big numbers. Expect a huge game from him.

Carmelo Anthony

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    Much like Durant, Anthony can score from anywhere on the floor and will look for his offense early and often. It will be a surprise if Anthony passes the ball more than once or twice in this game.

Dwight Howard

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    Yes, Howard is a big man, and big men often don't get the touches needed in an All-Star Game to put up the numbers to be the MVP. However, there is a trend developing in the games, where the hometown player is set up to make a run for the MVP of the game. With the game being in Orlando, Howard may get the touches need to make an impact.

Dwayne Wade

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    Wade attacks the rim with more force in All-Star Games, and also looks to pass the ball more. He will get a double-double, and depending on the highlights that he puts up, he could win the MVP.

LeBron James

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    The best player in the league, James had a triple-double in last year's game and should follow it up in this game. Expect, dunks, dunks, passes and just all around great play.