MLB: In the News (1/8)

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MLB: In the News (1/8)


Trevor Hoffman could be doing a lot more pitching at Miller Park if the latest rumors are true.

Trevor Hoffman could be doing a lot more pitching at Miller Park if the latest rumors are true.


Brewers News

- The Brewers officially offered closer Trevor Hoffman a contract today and they are now the favorite to land him, according to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal. This has been sort of a roller coaster with the Brewers seeming like the favorite yesterday, only to see that fade as the day wore on. Hope continued slipping further away this morning as the Dodgers seemed to be nearing a deal, but now we’re told the Brewers are back in front again.

Who really knows? Whichever way it goes, we should find out soon as it looks like Hoffman might make a decision as early as today. Haudricourt had a number of updates today (1,2,3) and the LA Times had one too. What we know is both teams have made an offer and both offers are thought to be one-year deals with team options for a second year.

We don’t know the numbers involved in the deal other than they’re for more than $4 million a year (no crap…). I’d be thrilled if the Brewers can bring in Hoffman and I’m not alone. Almost 80 percent of those who replied to this Journal-Sentinel poll want to see Hoffman on the mound in the top of the ninth at Miller this year.

UPDATE: Hoffman will reportedly make his decision today. Check here for updates.

- Hoffman is not the only potential closer the Brewers are keeping an eye on (despite Doug Melvin stating earlier in the day that the Brewers would go with an in-house option if they don’t get Hoffman). Former Nationals closer Chad Cordero will be working out for teams soon and the Brewers will have scouts in attendance.

Cordero had some really nice years in Washington, but suffered a bad shoulder injury last year. The Brewers had reportedly asked about his availability in the past (with the Nationals requesting Rickie Weeks in a trade and the Brewers ending the discussions) so there’s reason to believe they’d be interested in him. He’ll need to work his way back to health, but he could be a nice buy-low candidate. More HERE and HERE.

- There has been no announcement saying Jim Powell has been given the Braves radio job, but the Brewers are so sure he’ll get it that they’ve already begun looking for his replacement. This is horrible news. Powell may be overshadowed in Wisconsin by a Milwaukee legend, but all true Brewer fans know Powell as an incredible baseball broadcaster in his own right.

I always thought he’d step into the main role after Uecker moved on, but I guess this Braves gig is too good to pass up. Congrats to Powell. He deserves it, but he will be sincerely missed.

- The Yankees brass replied to comments from Mark Attanasio and Doug Melvin regarding the unfair free agency playing field in MLB (HERE and HERE). Yankees President Randy Levine called the comments from the Brewers management “sour grapes” and Hal Steinbrenner tried to explain why the Yankees signing everyone and anyone they want is somehow good for the game.

This is sort of like the playground bully yelling “WAAAAAAAH!” in your face and mocking tears after he’s given you a black eye and a bloody nose and stole your girlfriend. Screw you, Yankees…

- Brew Crew Ball posted Ben Sheets horoscope for today and it appeared as though he might have been able to make progress on a deal with someone (if we can believe the powers of astrology).

- Prince Fielder is right with the IRS again. He apparently settled the more than $400,000 he owed. Wheh… Luckily for Prince, he won’t be without cash for long. He’s about to cash in on a fat arbitration contract.

Minor Leagues

- Efrain Nieves lands at No. 19 on Bernie’s Crew’s list of top Brewer prospects and Tim Dillard comes in at No. 19 on Between the Green Pillar’s list.

- Brew Crew Ball is on No. 11 in the Community Prospect Rankings. Go vote!

Other News

- Tom Trebelhorn sighting! The former Brewers manager is going to manage third base for the Italian team in the World Baseball Classic.

- Former Brewer Joe Dillon was released by the Oakland A’s following the Jason Giambi signing. I’m sure Dillon is a decent guy and he has some baseball skills, but he reminds me too much of the type of players that made up the Brewers roster in the late ’90s and early 2000s to ever want to see him in a Brewers uni again…

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