Northwestern Is a Joke: Wisconsin Easily Defeats Wildcats

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst IJanuary 7, 2009

There was a reason I decided to watch the Bucks instead of the Badgers on Wednesday night. I figured the Bucks game would be a nail-biter until the end, which it was (by the way, were you really trying to win a game with that shot, Charlie Bell?). But I also figured that the Badgers would have no problem taking care of the Northwestern Wildcats. But to beat them by 29? Nice work.

Northwestern, the Menasha of the Big Ten (whoa, Fox Valley inside joke!), isn't good at anything except academics. That might have been cool when your grandparents went to college, but not these days. Not when college is driven by the funding pumped in by their athletic programs, mainly football and basketball.

I seriously can't imagine if and when Northwestern will ever be good in any sport ever again. Now, whenever people rip on Northwestern, others will always respond with "Darnell Autry! Rose Bowl!" Keep in mind though, that season is not remembered by you because of how good their football team might have been, but because it was the only successful Northwestern sports season ever.

Back to the task at hand, however, which would be the Badgers' 74-45 victory over those Wildcats. Fifteen Badgers saw the floor tonight, which either means they are playing an exhibition against Athletes in Action or they are taking down Northwestern. Leading the charge was Jason Bohannon with 20 points, while Jon Leuer came off the bench to add 15.

The Badgers' next game won't be as easy, as they take on No. 14 Purdue this Saturday. The Boilermakers are 11-4 on the season but have started 0-2 in Big Ten play.