NBA Dunk Contest: Ranking Each Dunk from Worst to First

Alex GiobbiAnalyst IFebruary 26, 2012

NBA Dunk Contest: Ranking Each Dunk from Worst to First

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    The Slam Dunk contest is to the NBA All-Star Game as the Home Run Derby is to the MLB All-Star Game and the fastest shot to the NHL All-Star game. However, unlike the MLB and NHL contests, the Slam Dunk contest adds an element of creativity. 

    This year's winner was Utah Jazz second year benchwarmer Jeremy Evans, whose three dunks involved the following tricks: Dunking with a camera attached to his body, with two basketballs thrown by teammate Gordon Hayward and in tribute to Jazz legend Karl Malone, dunking over a comedian dressed as a mailman while wearing a Malone jersey.

    While I am still scratching my head over how Evans beat out Paul George of the Pacers, I compose this slideshow in order to rank all twelve dunks from the Dunk contest.

    Each player will have their worst dunk ranked between 9 and 12, their second best between 5 and 8, and their best between 1 and 4. 

    Here we go.  

12: Derrick Williams: The Final Dunk

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    Ignoring the audio in this video, as we can see, Williams attempted to do a dunk between his legs, but unfortunately, his timing was off and his repeated attempts fatigued him. 

    Even with the help of Ricky Rubio, his fellow rookie teammate, the former University of Arizona star just couldn't execute his dunk and thus had to resort to a traditional dunk.

    Derrick Williams may not have been able to stick it, but he does get an E for Effort. 

11. Chase Budinger: Round Two Dunk

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    Tradition wise, it was a great dunk. Creativity wise, it fell flat. 

    Budinger's Round 2 dunk did please me on one thing: It had the "Respect my Authoriteh!" style that you would expect during a game. 

    I'm not saying the dunk itself was terrible, I can probably imagine that there is a lot more to a windmill dunk than meets the eye, but I still think a little flair would have done him some good. Maybe a couple of confetti cannons? 

10. Paul George: Larry Bird Dunk

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    Give credit to Mr. George on his first two dunks, but on his third, his timing was off. 

    Fortunately the man was ready in case his final dunk failed, he brought extra props. 

    George's dunk involved him doing a reverse, sticking a sticker of Celtics legend Larry Bird on the backboard, then dunking the ball one handed. 

    It took him four stickers before he got it right. That's a lot of Birds on the board. 

    My guess is if he had made the dunk on the first try, he might have won the contest. 

9. Jeremy Evans: Camera Dunk

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    The only reason why this is ranked so low is because watching this gave me motion sickness.

    The basic premise of the dunk was Jeremy Evans, wearing a camera, performs a dunk, so that the viewer sees it through their eyes. 

    Well, as Julius Caeser once said, with a little paraphrasing from me, "I came, I saw, I vomited" 

    Nice job replicating the experience, Mr. Evans, but next time, please stop swinging. 

8. Chase Budinger: Ceballos Dunk

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    The dunk would have been more impressive if Budinger had made it the first time, however, I do acknowledge that a blindfolded 180 dunk is no laughing matter. 

    Budinger's attempted replication of Cedric Ceballos' classic dunk required some fan participation as he needed to be told when to dunk. 

    As our MC gave him the step count and encouraged him to dunk when the fans told him to, a funny thought crossed my head. What if they told him to dunk early? That would have been hilarious. 

    Still nice job for Mr. Budinger. 

7. Derrick Williams: Rubio Dunk

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    Derrick Williams used his teammate Ricky Rubio in order to make this dunk. Again, this dunk had the authority and the flair, but it just wasn't as good as his first dunk.

    I do give him credibility points for his corkscrew finish, though. That was impressive, almost NBA Jam impressive.  

6. Jeremy Evans: Mailman Dunk

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    The theatrics of this dunk were impressive. Comedian Kevin Hart, in postman garb, has a "Special Delivery" for Jeremy Evans: A Karl Malone jersey, so we obviously know who Evans is paying homage to.

    What really knocked this from being his best dunk was the fact that Hart is quite short. In fact, at 5'2", it's almost like he's dunking over a high school freshman. Maybe Evans should have called me. I've got nine inches over Hart, and I can do quite the mailman impression.   

5. Paul George: Hibbert Dunk

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    Paul George's dunk over 7'2" Roy Hibbert probably was the third best dunk overall if not for the format of this slideshow.

    You have to admit that jumping over a seven foot person is quite the accomplishment. Couple that with one of George's other teammates, and you have quite the dunk. However, the theatrics always rule out. How do you think Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson all won their dunk contests?

    Nonetheless, a great dunk by George, and a quality image for the highlight reel.  

4. Derrick Williams: Harley Dunk

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    Derrick Williams' best dunk was actually three dunks over a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Yes, three. 

    Channelling his inner Blake Griffin, the rookie basically did Chase Budinger's Windmill dunk with the bike parked near the charity stripe 

    Add the theatrics of getting on the court in the Harley to California Lovin' and you have the best Derrick Williams dunk of the night. 

3. Chase Budinger: Diddy Dunk

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    It's not every day you get to jump over a rap mogul, and Chase Budinger should know this. The first dunk of the Slam Dunk contest happened to best Budinger's best of the night.

    Unfortunately, Budinger was unable to capture his first round magic and presumably he finished third.

    Nonetheless, jumping over P.Diddy is certainly quite the way to start a dunk contest.  

2. Jeremy Evans: Double Dunk

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    Jeremy Evans' double dunk in which teammate Gordon Hayward threw him two balls which he slammed one after the other was definitely one of the best dunks of the night. 

    The only reason why it wasn't the No. 1 dunk on my list was because it wasn't done in the dark, or for that matter, Gordon wasn't standing up.

    Nonetheless, that dunk was definitely one of the best of the night, and probably one of the biggest reasons why he was the Slam Dunk champion. 

1. Paul George: TRON Dunk

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    Paul George wanted to dazzle everyone, so in the second round, he donned a Pacers jersey with reflective tape, brought some black lights on the court, and ordered the lights to be shut off.

    In what looked like a scene from TRON, or something from's T.H.E performance, George, with the arena in silence, save for the science fiction music swells, ran up the court and threw down a nearly blind dunk with authority only Eric Cartman could appreciate.

    This got the crowd roaring, and almost cemented the Pacers player with the title, had it not been for his final dunk. However, this was, by far, the best dunk of the night.