NFL Combine 2012: Janoris Jenkins Stands out After a Great Press Conference

Old AccountSenior Writer IFebruary 26, 2012

Photo credit goes to the Detroit Lions twitter page.
Photo credit goes to the Detroit Lions twitter page.

The 2012 NFL Combine was a big step in the right direction for former highly-touted prospect Janoris Jenkins.

When entering the NFL draft, there were no questions about Jenkins' ability to make plays on Sundays. He was a dominant force while at the University of Florida.

However, the choices he made off the field turned his draft stock for the worst. He was kicked out of Florida after taking advantage of the countless opportunities that he was given. He has been arrested three times in his life (twice for marijuana, another for a bar fight incident), and he has four kids. He finished his college football career by playing at the University of Northern Alabama.

 Jenkins knows that he can't change his past. He can only attempt to learn from his mistakes and be able to support his family by playing in the NFL.

Today, he took to the podium and was ready to tackle any question about his past that the media was willing to ask. Despite the possibility of the press conference being a disaster, Jenkins did not let that happen.

He knew there was no reason not to be open and honest. When asked about his use of marijuana, he says he is no longer using the substance: "I'm done with [marijuanaforeverI can't do it man."

But he didn't stop there. He admitted that he has four children (Janoris Jenkins Jr, Legend, Janorian, and Paris) and notes that he is not neglecting them in any way.

Certainly, Jenkins' past could become a red flag for many teams around the league. Though, if he is indeed a changed man, his press conference is a step in the right direction.

His ability to answer truthfully the questions presented by the media is a positive sign. Media members were preparing to have a field day with this press conference, but they were never able to phase him.

He will have the opportunity to be examined closely by many teams after the interview process. If the press conference is an indication, he will continue to shine during the combine.

There is no question that Jenkins is one of the top prospects at the cornerback position in this year's draft. With many teams coveting an upgrade in the secondary, Jenkins will eventually find a team to play for this upcoming season.

Hopefully, Jenkins makes an impact in the NFL for years to come. In the end, it will be up to him to control his fate.


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