NBA: David Stern Says Adam Silver Should Be Next Commissioner

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NBA: David Stern Says Adam Silver Should Be Next Commissioner
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images
NBA Commissioner David Stern is apparently naming who he'd like to see be the heir to his position: Adam Silver.

For 20 years now, Adam Silver has worked for the NBA.

His hard work and dedication earned him a nod from current NBA Commissioner David Stern for Stern's position when he retires.

In a story with, Stern praised Silver's work ethic.

"I guess I would say that one of the things that a good CEO does, and I try to be a good CEO, is provide his board with a spectacular choice for its successor, and I think I've done that, and that's Adam," Stern said.

"That's ultimately, if I had the decision, if I were doing it myself, he would be the commissioner."

And although Stern gave no timetable regarding specifics, he did indicate that he won't be around longer than five more years.

"I'm not going to be here when it either is or isn't reopened in six years," he said.

Silver was more or less the lead negotiator for the NBA labor dispute. His success in dealing with the high-pressure situation—one that Stern may or may not been able to handle—has landed him in the role for Stern's high regard.

With the new NBA labor deal done under Silver's heavy negotiations, the league now saves about $280 million a year in player salaries.

And although Stern didn't say exactly when he was leaving, he did say it would be "very soon." We'll have to wait and see just how soon.

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