NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2012: Jeremy Evans Is Worst Slam Dunk Champion Ever

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NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2012: Jeremy Evans Is Worst Slam Dunk Champion Ever
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Well, that was a disappointment.

Devoid of big-name stars, the 2012 Slam Dunk Contest didn't provide many inspiring dunks either. And the eventual winner, Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz, was the most lackluster Slam Dunk champion in the contest's history.

Sure, he had the best dunk of the night—pulling off an impressive two-ball alley-oop—but that was by far the best dunk he offered and he was fairly bland on the rest of his attempts.

For my money, Paul George should have won. Judge for yourself.

Of course, this year will also be remembered as controversial since the fans voted on the winner. And around the NBA, Evans wasn't exactly a popular choice.

I mean, it's hard to argue with that. Other than George's two-ball dunk, he didn't really impress. Honestly, I've seen players who haven't won this contest in year's past offer more impressive dunks than that one.

The Slam Dunk Contest has just lost its luster at this point. And frankly, Jeremy Evans, Chase Budinger, Derrick Williams and Paul George were at a disadvantage no matter how sick their dunks were—nobody cared that they were participating.

People were lamenting the lack of superstar presence in the contest before it even began.

It's time to spice up the contest.

My idea? Bring in four players to compete and make the contest a game of pig. The first round would pit two players against each other, and obviously the next round would be between the two winners.

Then we'd see how impressive these guys really were. Yeah, they can think up a sick dunk or two, but could they replicate the dunks the other players thought of?

At least it might spice things up. Because honestly, who wants to see Jeremy Evans winning this contest in years to come with another boring performance?

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