UFC 144 Results: Can Rampage Survive in the Modern Day UFC?

G DAnalyst IIIFebruary 26, 2012

MMA Fighting
MMA Fighting

After becoming a living legend in the country of Japan during his Pride days, Quinton "Rampage' Jackson returned to Saitama for the co-main event slot at UFC 144.

However, Jackson would return five years the elder without having knocked an opponent out since defeating Wanderlei Silva at UFC 92.

When action began in his showdown with fellow light heavyweight Ryan Bader, Jackson appeared much slower and out of shape.

In fact, Jackson missed weight pre-fight, as he scaled in at a whopping 211 pounds.

Many believe Jackson's inability to make weight was a direct result of a medical condition he endured in his training leading up to his fight.

But, Bader would take no pity as he held the pace early and often by standing and exchanging with the dangerous striker in Jackson.

Bader demonstrated an exceptional game plan, as he would eventually put Jackson on his back and continued to play to his opponent's weakness.

Rampage endured vicious ground-and-pound but remained in the fight.

While Jackson was never finished, his dominant years in MMA appear to be on the home stretch.

When the final bell rang, Jackson laid on the Octagon floor as he had just suffered the worst, and quite possibly the most embarrassing, loss of his career.

With MMA emerging as the world's fastest growing sport, Jackson's one dimensional fighting style may not be enough to survive in today's day-and-age.

As we've seen with current champions Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, one must demonstrate a well-rounded skill set in order to compete at the highest level the sport has to offer.

Jackson will turn 34 years of age this summer and isn't getting any younger.

If the old "Rampage" doesn't return, it could be a sad ending to a historical career.


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