5 Men the WWE Needs to Re-Hire in 2012

Jesse Morrill@@OneWithAwesomeContributor IIIMarch 29, 2017

5 Men the WWE Needs to Re-Hire in 2012

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    The WWE has the most famous wrestlers in the world today.

    But they are severely lacking in pure wrestling talent.

    Some have been laid off. Some have gone to TNA. All would benefit the WWE today.

    There are many former superstars who should be back in WWE. Whether they are working in ROH, TNA, New Japan or All Japan, they are all amazing talents.

    But here are the top five.

5. Mike Knox

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    He's menacing in and out of the ring. 

    His promo skills were exceptional to say the least.

    And if the WWE  doesn't want him to wrestle, he'd make a hell of a manager. 

4. Rob Van Dam

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    His contract is ending soon, and I pray he doesn't resign.

    He's a bit past his prime, but he still has a good few years left in him, and I don't want to see him stay in TNA purgatory.

    Imagine the match potentials between CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and, most importantly, Daniel Bryan.

    He is a wrestler in the purest sense of the word.

3. MVP

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    MVP got a huge push and was over with the fans.

    And then, suddenly, he leaves to go to Japan.

    I'm sorry, but what?

    A dream job in WWE, and you leave to go to Japan?

    I was sure he would win the World Heavyweight Championship in 2011, but no. Now he's in Japan.

    I understand his contract is almost up, and he apparently left the company on good terms, so let's just hope he doesn't re-sign with All Japan.

2. Kurt Angle

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    The Olympic gold medalist is needed now. He is a wrestler. He's a sports entertainer, but a wrestler first.

    We've been force-fed Jack Swagger, an awful, poor version of Kurt Angle.

    Mr. Swagger is a wrestler, but not in any way a sports entertainer.

    I ask but one thing for Angle when his TNA contract ends in the coming months: to come in, put the Ankle Lock on Swagger, win The U.S. Title, have the longest reign with it in history, and then leave.

    That U.S. Title is befitting Angle at this stage in his career. No world titles. No WWE titles. Just the longest run with the U.S. Title in history.

    He deserves that.

1. The Dudley Boyz

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    Bet you weren't expecting them on top, now did you?

    Look at the title of this slideshow again.

    It doesn't read, "The 5 People I Want WWE To Rehire In 2012."

    No. If it was, Shelton Benjamin and Mr. Kennedy would be atop this list.

    It reads, "The 5 People WWE Needs To Rehire In 2012 "

    The WWE needs help with the Tag Team Division.

    These two revitalized the Tag Team Division, and could bring back some much-needed respect to tag teaming.

    The Dudleys are doing fine in TNA. The Dudleyz don't need the WWE.

    The WWE needs The Dudleyz.