Fabio Mello Talks Blackzilians, Titan Fighting 21 and More

G DAnalyst IIIFebruary 27, 2012

Ryan Loco
Ryan Loco

Every child has a dream to one day become something far beyond their wildest imagination.

Like many, Fabio Mello (9-6) wanted to become a soccer player.

Little did Mello know at the time that his dreams would escalate into a career in the world of mixed martial arts.

"I really loved playing soccer growing up as a kid," Mello told Bleacher Report. "I used to play soccer all the time."

"But after awhile, I started training in Jiu-Jitsu. From there, I started training all the time. After a year or so of training, I was asked to start training MMA," said Mello. "I've been at it ever since."

Mello's days inside the ring didn't begin as easy as he would have liked, as he posted a lackluster 4-6 record through his first 10 fights.

Mello would suffer losses to current UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and Japanese legend Takanori Gomi.

But, the never-quit, never-give-up attitude of Mello remained buried in his heart.

Since then, Mello has won five consecutive bouts, including three victories by submission.

From bad to better, Mello is enjoying his days of success as he realizes the competition will continue to grow stiffer.

"Right now is really the most memorable moment of my career. I am very happy with where I am today," stated Mello. "But I know that I need to continue to grow and get better with my fighting skills."

Mello's red-hot streak has earned him a spot on the upcoming Titan Fighting 21 fight card, as he'll meet Josh Huber (7-2).

Huber, on a hot streak of his own, hasn't lost in five consecutive outings, which also includes three submission victories.

However, Mello isn't necessarily concerned with Huber's recent success as he is with executing his own game plan.

"Wherever the fight goes, then it goes. I can fight wherever the fight goes," said Mello. "But I think my Jiu-Jitsu is much more defined than his."

"I definitely want to finalize the fight. I prefer to take the fight to the ground, but I can also fight in the stand-up," stated Mello. "Regardless of where it goes, I'm going to try and finish him."

Mello will attempt to win his sixth straight bout as he credits a large portion of his success to his teammates—the Blackzilians.

"My experience with the Blackzilians has been amazing. It's really been great. I've learned so many things since I started fighting with the Blackzilians. I'm learning to become a better fighter," said Mello. "Not just in one specific aspect but a more well-rounded fighter."

Mello also credits the majority of his success to those who've invested in his life at a very young age.

"I would like to thank God, my family and my friends. I want to thank everyone that has worked with me to grow and get better."


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